Technical words in Telugu -what in simple


I am keep coming across these words

Could you please translate or explain in simple words what does that mean

  1. CHOWDU BHOOMI (mainly while relating paddy)

  2. METTA PANTALU (While discussing regional crops)

Thanks in advance

Chowdu bhoomi -> Land capable of holding water. basically black cotton soil
Metta -> less water holding capacity. basically sandy loamy soil.

Members, please correct me if i am wrong.


1) Chowdu Bhoomi: Bhayya AKfarms !  Black Cotton Soils is  the Land Capable of Holding Water What you said is Correct. But Choudu Bhumi means Alkali Soils which holds the water continuously and will not Dry easily . But the BC Soil Dries when we  will not Provide water but the Choudu Bhumi hold water for a Longer time and it will not allow to provide Oxygen to root zone.Hence  the Choudu Bhumi is not suitable for any Crop and no seed will Germinate and no plant will  Grow.

2) Metta Bhumi: Metta Bhumi means the Land which cannot Irrigate through Irrigation channels where regular Irrigation Potential (Canal Irrigation) is avilable. For irrigating Mettabhumi either to lift water from Irrigation canal under various means i.e. manual,  through Oil Engine Pumps, Electric Motor Pumps etc.

for Vasudha Green Farms,,

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Dear All,

Chowdu Bhoomi - type of soil where the density of the salts, especially Sodium is more. Growth of plants in such lands is generally nil or very minimal. There is a possibility of “Chowdu” developing in normal lands also because of some wrong irrigation (due to bad water quality) and agriculture practices. Also, you can change “Chowdu bhoomi” into normal nutritious one with different methods using janumu, jeeluga, sulphor etc.

Metta Bhoomi - Basically drylands where the irrigation facilities are not there are referred as Metta bhoomi. Cultivation on these lands is dependent on rains.