Team Seeds Online Portal Review

Team Seeds Online Portal Review
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Team Seeds - An interesting find.

Just found about the existence of Team Seeds by chance on another online portal and then realized they sell a range of seeds direct on their own website
Did a trial order and had a positive ordering experience.

What is nice:

  1. Wide range agricultural seeds of multiple crops, mostly hybrids, catalog is a large 66 pages
  2. Going by the details on the site, the products are from their own R&D and some are imported. They claim to have multiple research farms and that they supply to a number of Indian companies other than exporting to several countries
  3. A clean and functional website powered by standard Woocommerce software. Crop category filter works nicely, a simple feature many portals seem to miss
  4. Quite a few products are in stock on the site. From calling them, it appears most products that show on the site are really in stock
  5. Responsive contact phone numbers during working hours
  6. Quick delivery of all products in a single package, received on 5th day of order
  7. All products came with a good validity period

What can improve:

  1. Site uses a rediffmail account, order update emails end up in junk, can be better on the technology
  2. No courier tracking details are displayed in the order tracking information and there are no email or SMS updates. That said, they were quick to deliver and even called to confirm
  3. Phones are responded only in Hindi, can expand to have at least English, if not other Indian languages


Team Seeds seem to have a significant advantage in being a producer of a wide range of seeds and a direct seller. Their prices seem reasonable though minimum quantities seem slightly larger. A functional website, well organized product management and timely order delivery place them higher than the bigger agri eCommerce names. Product performance is yet to be assessed but if they prove to be of good quality as claimed, and the company can adopt a pan India approach, Team Seeds will turn out to be a preferred source of seeds to farmers.

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Placed a second order and had exactly the same good experience. Products in stock, timely delivery on 6th day, good validity of the seeds and a follow up call about receipt.