Teak wood plantation - costs and income


I want to know about teak wood plantation. I would like to plant around 10 trees around my fields. I would like to know the cost of each tree for plantation and how much can it fetch after 5-10 years.

Teak trees totally depend on the type of soil, looking for a return on 10 trees is nothing, just plant them they may cost you Rs.1-5 per sapling/stump, you’ll get nothing out of it in 5-10 yrs, good teak is minimum 20-30 yrs.


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Thanks Antony,
So what could be the value of 1 tree after 20-30 years?

The value depends on the yield (cubic feet). I think a cubic feet fetches between 1500-3000 rupees at today’s rate.

IMHO, after 30 years, you can expect between 25-50 cubic feet from a tree. At an average price of 2000 rupees, that translates to between 50,000 and 1,00,000 rupees for a tree.

Just go ahead and plant those 10 trees. They won’t take up too much space, and is definitely better than buying pension plans from insurance companies :smiley:


[b][size=140]One can expect [color=blue]1/8th[/color] of market price for one cubic feet.  This is on farm price.  For example if the market price of teak is Rs.2000/- per cubic feet, what u can expect for a cubic feet on farm, in tree form is Rs.250/-.

So in a tree if there is net ten cubic feet of timber u can expect Rs.2500/- for that tree not Rs.20,000/-.  B’coz there is lot in between of tree form and log form.  The timber trader has to bear cutting, transporting, legal costing, seasoning, storing, investment cost, depo maintenance, other losses etc., in that Rs.2000/- cu feet price.

Raghu Ram
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Let us conclude going for teak is smart or wrong.
I have result of growth levels of Meliad Dubia versu Silver Oak versus Teak. See the picture.
Left Father hugging Melia Dubia with his both hands and Son holding Silver Oak in his right hand.
All three sapling planted on same day/soil/place/farmer etc are all are one and the same.

But results is Melia Dubia given maximum yield in size. 

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Hi Swamy,

I am very happy to see the picture, picutures like these help beginners like me a lot. This is motivating, ofcourse those guys must have worked to get this result.

Thanks a lot for pic again.

Dear Vamshi,
See the grower providing water to plants, he is aged about 75 years and the other person is about 60 years who cannot stand properly for some time because he takes chemical grown food and 75 your young man eating naturally grown food and living  strong.

The sapling was planted about 09 years. Father and son hugging and holding plants when they saw their difference while I taken them to show the fun in the natural farming.