TARA Farm, Kerala state

My farm is located near Kasargod dist. of Kerala state.
40 acre organic farm having cash and food crops. It is very close to Sulliya, Karnataka.

We have more than 70 different varieties of Exotic fruit plants.

We have rubber, coconuts, coco, pepper, turmeric, areca nuts, jack fruits, mangos and other exotic fruit plants.

We have a dairy farm for local breeds to get A2 milk, Fish culture, and Poly house for vegitables.

We have more than 100 different varieties of Dragon fruit plants.

Some of the commercial varieties of exotic fruits are Rambuttan, Mangosteen, Pulasan, Matoa, Longan, Rain forest plum, etc.

Members from this group are most welcome to our farm with prior appointment.
My name is Tom

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Welcome to FarmNest, Tom!
Nice to know about your farm.

Thank you bro. :pray::smile:

Very nice brother. Keep up the good works. Happy farmer😊
If get a chance, will pay a visit :blush::pray:

You are most welcome !

Thank you bro



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very nice. wish you best wishes for more success

Bro, I would like o visit your farm… need your advise …

Please let me know if I can visit…

I need funding for agriculture purposes brother my WhatsApp number is 8148357118

What’s the project for which you need funding for and if you can share the information with returns on investment, that will be helpful.

Thanks, Vishal

Reply to me on my personal email

Ok, no problems. 9446120914

Thank you. :pray: