Tap or Drip irrigation


Please help me on this. I am planning to set up drip irrigation for a mango farm of 3 acres. But I am receiving info that we have to take out the drip pipes when we have to till the land with tractor. But instead if we install taps for each mango plant then there is no need to remove pipes as they are buried deep. Also the trees get good water.

Please let me know which is better

Though not for mango, do take a look at this driptech.  You will get an idea.  Only thing about mango plantation is spacing is longer.


I think driptech is Tape, not Tap. Obviously tape can’t be buried.  :smiley:

Can you explain your idea on taps further?

This is oldest method, in 80’ farmers used to do this method. 12mm pipes were buried 1.5ft below ground and 4mm pipes were taken above ground were the trees are placed. 4mm pipe used have a small tap.

The idea was to avoid damage of pipes due to rotovating or ploughing, the draw back of this system was cost involved in earthwork or trenching for laying pipe.
Lately people have learnt how to manage even if it is kept above ground, they roll it keep above 5ft see below picture. it is a hybrod system, half of the pipes are below ground and laterals are above