Tall trees along fence

Hi - I am looking for planting some tall fast growing trees along the fence of my farm. Does any one have any experience of growing bamboo? What varieties would be good for breaking the wind? At what spacing should they be planted?

The farm is located at Krishnagiri District, Tamilnadu.


Why not try Silver Oak or casuarina instead as a windbreaker and they can be further utilised for wood. Silver oak roots go down straight deep, whereas cauarina and bamboo roots spread sideways and consume nutrients from top.
Bamboo needs lots of damp water logged areas to florish. They also need to be trimmed sideways regularily or they grow out of control and turn into mini forests.
If you are still keen , go for the yellow variety which has some more commercial value than the green bark. You can also propogate them yourself by planting the cuttings in 10" height plastic bags. They will be ready for transplanting in 6 months.
Keep a distance of atleast 15’ between the saplings. Initially care for them (water) in dry season and protect from cattle till their roots firm up

Thank you for an Opportunity to suggest .

It is not advisable to Grow bamboo along the Fencing. We are suggesting yo to go for Melia Dubia which Grows straight and it is Fastest Growing Tree in the World.

If you want more details Pl. contact vasudhagreenfarms@gmail.com