Taiwan guava cultivation help

I’m totally new to farming, I found this app very helpful as I’m gaining knowledge reading the forum expert advice, so i too have few questions please help me.

As I’m planning to start Taiwan guava cultivation in my 10 acre land during june- July, I’m now terrified after seeing few problems in the forum as their plants got effected and they removed plants completely, what measures should I take before purchasing plants (which type of plants are good? Grafted,air layered, cloning,or any other?)
And how much would be cost of each plant
And after purchasing plants which preventive steps I must take before planting.
Aone more question
Cost of fence for 10 acre land
Cost of chain link
Cost of solar
Which one is less expensive
I found fence cost in forum as running foot or running meter, im little confused
Can u tell me approximate cost of chain link for 10 acre land and solar fence

Please share your knowledge and help me.
Ps: I don’t know the soil type (as appear to me it looks like patches of different soils) location of farm is rathiguntapalle,
Chittor district, Andhra Pradesh.

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No response from anyone
Please help?


As of today best variety in Guava VNR Guava (Grafted) , but it costs very high.One plant costs comes around 180 -200 Rs with delivery .
You can accommodate 600- 1800 plants per acre. from 1st year you can get crop and get better results.

Drawback in VNR : this is one is Grafted , we always should cut original plant leaves (branches).

If you don’t want to spend so much money , you can go with clonal plants and each one cost 30 -50 Rs depending on nursery. this one also you can accommodate 600 -1800 plants for acre.

Fencing :
If you want to normal solar fence cost around 5 to 8 Laks. chain link with solar fence cost around 15 to 20 laks ( 6 ft height ).



Hi can u help me on this where I want go and get this verity in Chittor …if u have phone number plz share with me

Clonal plants of taiwan pink guava geneally available jangareddygudem of westgodavari.if you wantv phone numbers i will let you know. Taiwan pink guava largely cutivating around krishna dist.


Which variety you need , based on that i can provided you the number.


Plz share with me contact number plz.

Vigneswara nursery 9652699531

another nursery cum farm 9949614751

I am looking Thai pink verity

Thank u…I will call u**

Plz find out in Sri kalahasthi some one is farming thaiwan verity recently I saw in Jaikishan programme plz go through it is ver helpful …

If u find any good information about thaiwan guava please reply here

taiwan pink guava clonal plants Are Available.
call or whatsapp : 9900003891 , 9483653612