Swimming pool water for farming


I’m new to farming

We have an agriculture land of 2 Acres which has very steep slop ( attached image for more clarity ) where we doing cultivation. Now we have to construct a tank where we can store water and use for the cultivation is basic idea.

Rather than just constructing a tank and use water, i thought to construct a swimming pool and use the same water for the crops cultivation.

  1. Is swimming pool water can be useful for cultivation, as the water in swimming pool treated with chemicals?
  2. Can any suggest me regarding this and what kind of crops suitable for this ( Soil is Red soil and has very steep slope)

Pl suggest me.

Thank you.

Dear venuvu,

The slope will help you to catch rainwater and the tank can be positioned in the area where the water finally stops.  The current position of the water tank is not conducive to catch the rainwater.  It is better to have the tank at the current site of the borewell.  This is my suggestion.

Whether the tank will be used for swimming is up to you.  People in the village use water tank without any treatment whatsoever and they are healthy as well.  But if you going to treat the water (using chlorine), my understanding is chlorine is not good for plants etc.

One more thing, if you want the water to be clean, have some freshwater fish in the water so that you can earn extra bucks as well.

Finally, you need to decide whether you want returns in short term (vegetables & flowers is a good option) or long term ( fruit bearing trees (mango, guava etc), plantation crops (coconut, palm oil etc))

Best of Luck!!!


Ramprakash L Chandra

Swimming pool water contains excessive clorine and hydro cloric acid , Right ,

will kill any seed germinations , and also harm young plants , clorine toxicity,


Hi All,
    I have a question on the same line .
Is there any way if we plan deeper pond which serves for rain water harvesting and can be used as swiming pool .

Here I am looking for suggestion  on design and material to be used during development of pond .

May be do we need to use stones at the bottom or any way to make sure soill do not enter to pond, any other way to make this water clear and beautiful except using any sort of chemicals .

As padmanabhan explained having fish seems to be good idea for clean water.


Hi to All ,

can i chip into this conversation again ?

water storage is a major part of agri / horticulture around the world now a days , no doubt about it

now back to original question, using swimming pools waste water for crop irrigation ?

most people have the idea that pool water is thrown away after a few day in the swiiming pool ,
you are dead wrong ,
the water in the pool goes thru continuous filtration daily, and is reused forever,
so my friends you cant have enough water from pool to irrigate your fields,

and also if the pool is deeper than 5 feet deep it is dangerous to swim (children)

if you guy have the money built your own back yard pool , dont mix agri into leisure,


Based on my experience, in growing fruiting vegetable (tomato, brinjals,chillies,)
a plant wil need about 4 liters (when full grown) of water to have optimal growth daily (open air / drip irrigation method / insoil or poly bag)
if so ,
1 meter square of space will store 1000 liter of water right ?

if so an average small farm should have (say chilli plant ) at least 20.000 plant to make a little profit.

plus minus , your pump must deliver about 100000 liters of water from your source. (bore well ?) 

and now to the water tank issue :
assume , during dry season , no rain , you must have the tank to HOLD water for minimum of say 1 month or so ?

and your duged up pond cant hold the water,
so , what you can do is probably,
dig out a pond like sized , 50 feet X 100 feet X 35 feet deep ,
and cover the walls with poly pond liners , which will hold the water and you can fill it from your bore well nearby,
dont use any concrete structure , its just too expensive ,
i have done it this way ,before and its practical ,
this method is very common in australian area.
also my friend ,
i am only sharing my experience , and i am not a consultant or trying to sell anything to you guys,
so , do your mathematics before you take out your  money on any projects /

thats all for now folks,

Ramprakash L Chandra 

@Ramprakash L Chandra

You should have ‘I am not a consultant’ in your signature!  :smiley:

Thanks for your advice.

it should read as 1 cubic meter and not meter square , sorry ,
and you may put in a few fish into the pond as a indicator for water purity too, just a few ,like 10 fries only , if they all die in a single day then you know , something very wrong with your water ,
i have done similar method in papua PNG , its working fine. no hi tech gadgets needed.

if you tried to breed more commercial, no problem , as long as you are not using it for  the drip irrigation method , as the fish droping could block your micro tubes / filter too.

and Chandra, good suggesstion , i may do that too.
pls keep up your great work, not many willing to do this kind of contribution / service in india without some kind of cash return.
i have seen many in holland, australia and us but rarely in india,

Ramprakash L Chandra

If the fish don’t die within one day, then you fry them??  ::)

No, my friend , you dont fry or take them out of the reservoir , just leave them alone , forever,

hope you are joking ,


get on to work .


You are spot on. What you are thinking of is called a Natural Swimming Pool…basically a pool with water cleaning weeds or plants planted on the sides…sometimes a small fish pool is added on the side but using the same water, to have the fish health as an indicator of water purity. Check this http://inhabitat.com/natural-swimming-ponds-ditch-the-chemicals/ out.

In your case, you will be continually adding fresh water to the pool and using the pool water to irrigate.

Why let the chlorine touch your body & bodies of your kids…when you can have water to swim, the way god intended you to swim  :slight_smile: