Sweet Tamarind and Acid Lime seed required


I need sweet Tamarind ( Thai Verity ) seed for cultivation. This is different from Our desi wild tamarind. Or I need Hybrid Tamarind seeds which gives yielding in three years.

Also, I need Nimboo seeds fresh for germination. Any one know any supply source please contact me on 9866321973 Rkrao HYD

Tamarind is in transition, from a useful tree to a profitable crop.
There are two types of Tamarind – Sour and Sweet .
PKM1 , Prathisthan, Urigam , DTS -1 ,Yogeswari , Cumbum etc. are sour tamarind and sweet tamarind is from Thailand .
CIAH & ICAR have released a new tamarind variety β€œ Goma Prateek β€œ

It’s semi dwarf tree having 4-5 mt height , dense foliage ,dropping branches and starts flowering in the forth year . The fruit is slightly curved in shape and about 16.7 cm pod length , and pulp is reddish . It’s suitable for high density planting under rain fed or hot semi arid zones. The fruit yield is approx. 58-80 kgs per plant in rain fed condition and in irrigated condition .

The sweet tamarind is from Thailand . Its pulp is sweet and slightly tart . The fruits of sweet tamarind are smaller in size, requiring more than 70 fruits per kg . The pulp of sweet tamarind can be used to make juice or dried fruit. A tamarind with red pulp, the fruits of which are preferred as a fresh fruit .
Thai Sweet Tamarind grafts are available in West Bengal from Rs 200- 300 each graft plant .
Rangpur lime , Thai seedless lime grafts are also available in West Bengal .

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