Sustainable agriculture


have been working on developing sustainable agriculture practices, without much knowledge. Basically, have let cardamom grow with minimal human interference ( spray pesticide once in 3 months).

Avoid shade lopping above 25 feet.
Plant new trees.
Have water ponds.
The soil has not seen any chemical fertilizer in over 20 years. The natural mulch of the trees and cardamom is preserved. Basically not much soil is visible. except around base of cardamom plants.

and other such efforts.

Looking for new ideas to improve the existing ecosystem.

Thanks in advance

Hi Radhini,
i am also a newbie in organic farming, so i cant give you much advice on it! but as much as i know, you have done a good job except for one thing. Pesticide spray should not be done since traces of chemicals penetrate the plant and their residue will be there in fruits and seeds. so if you can seek ideas to eliminate pesticides, it would be great since that will give higher market value for your spices.

these days there are safer alternatives such as bio-pesticides, which you can try. check -

Resp MonicaEco,

We appreciate your observations. The produce will not be treated as organic, even once , Inorganic pesticide is sprayed and it will be detected by certifying organisations.

You are Right , though you are a new in the farming field. Hope , you will have good future , if you can concentrate in Agri/Horti .

With best wishes,    g.p.Rao,  farmer