Support to start farming in dry land

Dear Experts,
I am planning to start agriculture. I do not have agriculture background. Just booked 6 acres of dry land near Bijapur, Karnataka ( Land is approx. 40KM from city ). It is black soil, purely depends on rain. If required I can plan for a bore well. Need your expert advice and detailed plan to know what can be done in this land, expected expenses & income. Please share your suggestions & advice

Congratulations to you.There are many crops in dry land that you can opt for ,one comes to my mind is Moringa this starts giving returns from 7th month,along with this,you have to keep at least one good desi cow so that you dont have to spend on fertilisers and Pesticides,also I dont know your mind set but you can go for goat farming or poultry farming so that your repayment will start at 2-3 months (in case of poultry farming and 7-months in goat farming ) I am saying 'Your mind set"because you are supposed to sell the animals and you are aware that what happens to these animals after you sell them. You also can very well join the group of ZBNF farmers which is very active in Karnataka,so that you will be on very strong footing to do the farming.If you want to discuss further you can ring me at 9773551402.

Hi Diwakar,

Congratulations :slight_smile:

I agree with Bapu, please learn and practice zero pesticide farming. Out of the four acres I personally suggest you dedicate about an acre for a small cow shed with 2 desi cows, a 10-20 feet long 4ft wide and 4-5ft deep water storage tank (use it to grow fish also)and you can go ahead with a variety of vegetables suited in that area.

I strongly suggest you to have multiple sources of income from the land (milk, fish, chicken, vegetables, flowers…) since you are new to farming and you will take some time to learn the techniques. Meanwhile if you do not get returns there are high chances of getting demotivated, so let some small amoount of money keep coming from additional resources, then when you start earning from your main crop you will have double income :slight_smile:

Good luck, keep us all posted on how things go ahead :slight_smile: