Summer Tomato Varieties and Hybrids

Does any one have experience with tomato varieties and hybrids that can be sown now for the hot Hyderabad climate?

Some of the so called suitable types did not perform very well in my farm last year.

Arka Rakshak might be a good one to look into

Don’t have any personal experience, but have been hearing good things about it and looking to try it out … back-smile

Dear Dr Chandra sir,

I suggest you to go for tomato cultivation, in a shade net 50 % house and/or in green house, either with determinate or Indeterminate varieties of tomato.

I have witnessed the yields of Arka Rakshak, a tomato variety released by IIHR, hessargatta, Bengaluru, and results are found amazing.

Up to my knowledge, Hyderabad area is almost like Bengaluru if we use 50 % shade net. Except high lux count of lighting, both are semi arid zones.

In green house /or shade net, you can have some good results. ( Green house all around the year and shade net from October to june are ideal )

with best wishes, g.p.rao , farmer

Dear Chandra,

I’ve tried US 404 hybrid (US Agriseeds company) recently in Hyderabad. Yield is good - so far it is about 50 crates (boxes) from about 20 cents of land and I’m expecting few more… Good thing is, the only investment I made is for tilling the land and for the saplings (40ps each); I’ve not used any fertilizers/pesticides. Of course, I’m hit by the market price badly! :frowning:


Dear G.P. Rao Sir,

Could you please let me know where can i buy Arka rakshak tomato seeds


Thanks g.p.rao garu and Rhythubidda.

I enquired with some of the nurseries around Hyderabad for Arka Rakshak - it was not available. Some of them said Arka Rakshak was great but didn’t raise the nursery at this time, not being sure of its summer potential.

I picked some US440 and some Dutch 810 and paid a fortune compared to Rhythubidda at 0.80 per plant :astonished:
Of course, these came in nursery trays and I would take a guess the lower price is without trays?

I will probably build a small shadenet as g.p.rao garu suggests.

Rhythubidda - can you please PM me the nursery details so I can use them next time? Or even review the provider in the products/services section?
I am guessing 404 = 440? Secondly is it in yield now, in which case it would be winter tomato and not summer tomato? :smiley:

The one other variety I heard in the market as suitable for summer was Nirupama. Also has anyone tried the desi type PKM1 or PED in summer?

Dear Sri Bharat,

Arka Rakshak Tomato seeds are available with Vegatable section, IIHR, Hasargatta, Bengaluru and you can contact Sri Dr Hebbar sir, on 09449105802. As it is the source, we can get fresh seeds also.

All the best, g.p.rao, farmer

Dear Sri Bharat,

You can directly purchase from IIHR,Hassargatta,Bengaluru at any working day between 9 am to 4 pm. pl contact dr Hebbar, vegetable section,IIHR, hasargatta, ph no 09449105802. More over you can get ggod and fresh Tomato seeds of Arka Rakshak .

With best wishes, g.p.rao, farmer.

Dear Dr Chandra sir,

I start ,with best wishes to you and to your crops existing.

I spoke to iihr, vegetable section professors concerned and found that Arka Rakshak seed is available readily. They said that in summer , this variety will attract one virus ( think Tristija, not sure ) and heavy summer may affect adversly.

If you want to grow Arka Rakshak now, better have a shade net 50 % house ( simple construction and should not cross Rs 75,000/- for 1000 sq mtrs,25 cents ) and try now.You can contact 09845097472 and/or 08028466471 for seeds of Arka Rakshak . If you want pl call me and i can send you by courrier.

If you want to grow Arka Rakshak Tomato variety, I found that a min of 5.5 ft row to row and plant to plant should be min 2.5 ft. Vigorous growing variety. Trellising system is better. Yield proven is 19 kgs per plant in Chikballapur taluk of karnataka.

with best wishes, g.p.rao, farmer

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Thanks so much g.p.rao garu.
I will call you to get about 1000 seeds.

This is good info sir. I tried planting tomato twice and both times it got badly affected by pests, so now I decided to not try any more. The local farmers in the area say it will not grow without pesticides, which I do not want to use. I do not know what breed was used, just bought from local market. Are the Arka Rakshak seeds available only from IIHR, Hasargatta, or is it available from other nurseries as well? I live in Koramangala so a nearby source would be great!


Dear Sri Lal,

It is also sold in seed selling shops situated in Gandhinagar. For details you can call 08028466471, iihr, hasargatta for shop name if any, on request.

wish you best, g.p.rao, Farmer


Sorry for the delay in response. Yes, that was US440. Nursery is in Shahbad mandal.



Where did you got the Saplings. I am also looking for some Tomato and Green Chilly Saplings for Summer.

This is for Test purpose. I stay at BHEL, Hyderabad and my Farm is Near Suryapet.

Please Provide me with the Nursery details.


Hi Ravi,

I got them from Sneha Nursery, Ibrahimpatnam. PM me if you need the numbers.
But if Raj’s source is half the price, you might want to check that out.


Thanks for the update and your Suggestion.

Raj, Could you please provide the details of the Nursery, so that I can visit this Friday and have the Saplings.

Planning to transplant this Saturday or Sunday.



I’ve procured them at Shahbad randomly from one nursery out of the few there. I don’t have their contact number currently; if you want, I can get the number during my next trip.


Thanks Siva/Raj for the Quick update.



Did any body got succeeded in farming summer varieties of Tomato. Kindly share your experiences.

I tried some older varieties and US440; the summer however baked all of the plants regardless of water availability.

Sir, I want to cultivate tomato round type (sour type) which is the best seed? What about arka samrat?