Summer ploughing as part of sustainable farming in Tamilnadu Mission on sustainable Agriculture

Tamilnadu mission on sustainable Agriculture Development ( TNMSDD )
Part of TNMSDD is summer ploughing ,for which Tamilnadu Agriculture department pay Rs.1250 per hectare as ploughing subsidy .Why summer ploughing ?
1.Deep summer ploughing breaks open impervious subsoil layer and increase aeration and infiltration of rain water and prevent run off vis-a-vis soil erosion
2.Due to aeration ,the microbes in soil multiplies and decompose organic waste of previous crop in soil
3.It brings pupa of soil borne insect pest out on to surface and gets killed by hot sun as well as birds that eats on it .
4.Turning over of soil during summer ploughing also expose soil borne pathogenic microbes to hot sun and sterilise it .
5.The rain that brings down dissolved atmospheric nitrogen is effectively intercepted by the ploughed surface and soil fertility status henceforth increases .
6.The ploughed soil forms a sheet of layer on top soil that effectively prevent evaporation loss of water
7.The residue of pesticide or weedicide if any sprayed on the previous crop will be disintegrated and broken down by hot summer heat .
Hence summer ploughing is an essential part of sustainable farming in rainfed area . One way or other it reduces the risk of rainfed crops due to aforesaid advantages
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