Suitable windbreaks for a mango orchard

I am in the process of planting windbreaks for my mango orchard that are 1-2 years old now…
Which trees are good candidates are good candidates and how close should they be planted ?

You must visit Bannur Krishnappa’s farm. He has multiple rows of windbarriers. He explains it scientifically.

See last post of this thread … hnappa/15/

Dear Sri,

I watched the video and I think I got the gist of it but not the specifics due to non familiarity with Kannada. Could you translate the following

  1. Names of the plants in each wall starting from outer wall to inner wall
  2. Spacing between plants in each wall
  3. Spacing between walls

I would like to set up the same in our farm too, Thanks in advance.

Also, plants across walls should be staggered and not in one line to block wind right?


[color=blue]Below is the translation of Sri Bannur Krishnappa’s Vdeio[/color]
It is important to maintain Micro Climate: 25-45Degree and 45 to 75 degree moisture( may be he is refering to humidity so it %)
During June- July the wind called “Adri” blows. This damges the micro climate. Disrupting wieght of the fruits and decreases the yeild.

To tackle this wind barriers(vanagode/forest wall) is built.
1.Drumstick -moringa, Agati(sesbania) Sapota, Pomogrnate, Anona(sitaphal/Sherifa)

  1. Teak and silver oak at 5ft, kavli kai(even I have not heard of it, may be it is malbar kino tree)

  2. agati/Agase/Chogache (Sesbania Grandiflora)

These 3 layer maintain microclimate. Also hosts friendly insects.

Hi Saverafarms,

Did you get a chance to look at the list of Live Fence Plants in my blog?

Padmanabhan Ganesan

Hi sri2012,

Generally, plants which have multiple branches and which are more dense in their foliage are selected for wind breaks.  I am trying to understand if Teak & Silver Oak are really suitable in this regard.

Padmanabhan Ganesan

It is the translation of Bannur krishnappa’s vedio.
Yes. In my locality there are numerouse farms with these two as wind breaks. Did you think about the point 3 layer wind barriers said above.

I could not find the link in your blog…Could you pls post the link here ? How is Casurina considered ?

Hi Saverafarms,

I am giving the link to the Home Page from where you can access the entire blog.

Also, checkout for the right type of casurina to be used for windbreakers.
Padmanabhan Ganesan

Thanks for the translation Sri.

Couple of follow up questions

  1. In a large sized farm (saverafarms is a good example), would the perimeter live fence suffice or one would have to think in terms of grid blocks and establish live fences along the grid perimeters too?
  2. As an example, if one tries out Palekar ZBNF banana plantation pattern with drumstick etc on a sizable extent (several acres), would the intercrops alleviate the need for the wind break or would one need to think of grid live fencing in addition to the perimeter live fence?


Good question but too tricky. I must admit my ignorance on this.

My suggestion. If you are thinking/planning in so depth, it is better to invest on a personal visit to Sri.Palekar

Thanks Sri. I will try to get in touch with Palekar ji.