Suitable pump for open well

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I am from a town located in Rajasthan. We have a Gaushala located at the top of a big sand dune. We have a big water reservoir at the bottom of the dune and we transfer water to the top of the dune. We have been using a pump from Oswal but it is not providing enough water. It is a horizontal type monoblock pump installed few years back so no one actually remembers actual rating of the water pump, here is the spec of the pump:
Make: Oswal
Type: Monoblock single stage
15hp pump
Water outlet: 600 LPM (Actually measured)
Outlet pipe: 2.5 inch

We have lot of cows on the top of the dune so we are looking for atleast 1000 LPM of water. We can change the pipe lines.
Dune’s actual height is only 100ft but hypotenuse is 800ft (along the slope). Please refer to the image.

Can anyone suggest which make, model is suitable for this use? We have no issues of electricity (in terms of phase or current).


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Dear FB,

You must select from high head models irrespective of manufacturer.

Consider fire fighting range of Kirloskar monoblock pumps.

These models offer exceptional head range and very high discharge.

Catalog can be found at


Saravana Kumar

Hi Saravana,

Thanks for your kind reply. I am unable to understand what should be the head considered for this situation? I am sure it cannot be 100Ft, how do we count the 800ft length of the pipe along the slope?


Please look for models which can discharge 1000 lpm @ 40m head or more. If you could source models that can throw 1000lpm @ head > 40 m that would be a perfect fit.

There is something called openwell submersible pump, I use a pump from Unnati it is giving very good results.

Lubi is one more brand see this link … onoset.pdf

you can review this.

The reason I suggested this is the pump is fitted like a submersible pump and you will have 0 suction head. A 10 HP pump can give you 1000LPM @40m head.

The mean throw head to be considered is approximately 180 feet instead of 100 feet. You may consider going for still efficient pump or reduce the diameter of the pipe (app 50%). Anyhow you don’t have power problem.

A 10 H.P motor driven open well submersible pump with 3" line with a head of 100meters and 1200lps output will meet your requirements.

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Solved the problem. My major issues were deciding the required head in the present condition. I followed few numbers provided in CRI pump catalog to calculate the friction loss at given flow rate of the pump. Friction is function of flow-rate, so after estimating the friction losses for the per-decided pipe diameter, I chose a pump from Lubi. It was 20hp open well submersible pump which is now providing 1260LPM using old 3 inch pipe, we are going to upgrade the pipe to 4 inch and water is supposed to be around 1700 LPM after pipe is changed.

Thanks everyone.

Few years back Texmo was leading brand now Lubi has taken lead position.