Suggestions to grow vegetable plants

        I am from Pondicherry.I have a small land of 15000 sq. feet. There we have around 50 coconut trees and 50 banana trees. Since the land isn’t fully utilized, I am planning to grow some vegetable plants and use the vegetables for our home.
        I tried growing lady’s finger, radish, tomato and brinjals. Lady’s finger grew well whereas radish didn’t. Tomato and brinjals are yet to give flowers.
        Now, I would like to get suggestions from you on what vegetables are easy to grow. Also please share any website or links from where i can get informations regarding kitchen gardening in india(esp. South india). Also need to know how to get rid of caterpillars which spoils my plants.
Thanks in advance…

I would recommend you go visit some of the farms in Auroville. There many vegetables are grown. You can also get seeds from the Botanical Gardens there and also another project called The Pebble Garden. I have seen pretty much everything grown on the farms there except potatoes and onions.