Suggestions Required for Termite Treatment for Amla Trees

Dear Members

We have a massive termite attack in our amla (Nelli) plantation that is weakening the trees. We would like to carry out anti termite treatment to protect our amla trees. I am writing to seek expert opinion from the members of this forum for anti-termite treatment for amla based on your experience. My queries are

  1. What is the most effective anti-termite treatment for amla, what treatment / solution would you recommend
  2. What is the right time / season to carry out anti-termite treatment for amla. It is very hot / dry weather in my plantation and our amla plantation is rain fed irrigation. We are not expecting showers for the next 3 months.
  3. I have been advised by the local farmers to carry out anti-termite treatment for amla when there is water availability or when there are showers as carrying out the treatment in dry conditions without water can burn the tree. Please advise if this is correct, or If I can carry out the treatment in this dry weather without water

Views from members would be very much appreciated

Look forward to hearing from you


Krishnan P S

That’s really bad! You should hire some eco-friendly termite inspection and treatment services. The termite treatment for trees is quite different from termite treatment for buildings. So be careful before hiring the services!

Termites are useful, will eat and recirculate cellulose and other dead vegetable matter. Are you removing the fallen leaves below the amla?  Please look at the attached picture. The stem on the right is that of a young Amla tree. We can see that the fallen leaves on the ground are eaten by termites (white ants) and that they are covered with the mud colured walls or roofs of the termite home. The termites are happy with these fallen leaves and do not attack the amla plant. If you poison the termites, the poison may affect other useful beings like earthworms.  If termites do eat into a living tree, then just wash them down with water spray (without any poison) and leave some leaves and twigs on the ground for them.

Trees can be painted with lime and copper sulphate. Paint up to 3ft from ground.(only stem)

IIHR has developed a organic paste named Raptor. Mix with water to a consistency of painting. This will avoid termites for 6 months.

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