Suggestions required- Farming

Hi Guys ,

We have about an acre of land and around 40 to 45 coconut trees in it .
We had an water pump and its spoiled, was searching to replace it with a new one and while searing i landed up in this page.

Was thinking if we could go with solar pump need ur suggestions as we are handling it very first time.

Also since i am staying in abroad i will be visiting the farm in March.

Let me know on the better ideas to crop in the farm.

My idea is to take care of our farm and also inspire the surrounding farmers to use the new technologies.

Thanks in advance for your valuable suggestions.

Dear Sri nature_love,
We appreciate your Ideology’s.

Please Be specific in your question. I hope it can be answered.

With best wishes, g.p.Rao, farmer


You can go head with solar pump, As you said its only 1 acre of land.

By going to solar, you can get the govt subsidy.

You can think of inter cropping if possible …may be Cocoa.


Hi Spoorthy,

Thanks for your valuable feedback.

I am visiting India next month, will be there for about a month in India and will try to get this done.

As i understand that some temporary arrangements has been made for now. But during my visit i need to fix this.

And in regarding to the solar pump , could you give me more details on.

Thanks in advance