Suggestions Needed : Digging a bore well

Hi All,

I need your valuable suggestions on digging a bore well.

Whether to find the water point by using the services of a Water Diviner or to go with a Hydrologist ??

What is the scientific reasoning behind water diviners methods. Any indicative success rates. How to find who has that special powers ?

OR simply go with a geologists methods ??



Trust is one thing that sometimes MATTERS A LOT.
A few people I knew had bitter experiences with geologists, but an uneducated village guy with the help of a coconut can identify ground water availability. I was quite amazed to see the coconut revolving slowly when someone sits on it supportively. And he marks that point to dig borewell and water comes out quite well. Also found a website(  where a south-indian guy finds water by divinity


Yes you are right, but how do you find the right village guy who has divine powers !!. At least with a Geologist, we know he is qualified.

Its like visiting an MBBS doctor vs an road side footpath pandith !!. For small remedies it does not matter.

Approximately, its around 30k for the drilling itself. In villages  almost every one is a bore well agent and some inturn have also become diviners. At the end whether you get water or not, we need to pay up and all these diviners and his cronies get they commission  :'(  :'(



[quote="incepted"]Also found a website(  where a south-indian guy finds water by divinity
This is the member Guna on the forum.
He promised some videos but you could ask him more info. … e-answers/

Hi Chandra,

Thanks for the link. I did use the services of the diviner in my village. Well here is the small story which is making me look for a geologist.

This guy the water diviner comes to my land empty handed. Then asks for Rs 50 to buy a coconut  :astonished:  :astonished: as his searching device. He says he will fix the spots with potential 2 inch or more of water and for his divine services it will  costing around Rs 1000.

He comes with his cronies. the bore well drilling agent, plumber, and a bunch involved in bore well activities. They are all his mobile advertisers. They Tom Tom that with his powers he has spotted some points in our neighborhood and all running in excess of 3 inch water !! Later I came to know that some have dried up, some could not get water, some like our corporation tap type etc etc.

He takes the coconut in his palm and moves around the land. Within few seconds he stops at a place and says there is water there. To my shock, just 20 Ft across the road there is a bore well dug by govt with a hand pump  :-X .  (Govt uses geologist, no idea whether their own or from bore well contractor)

Not impressed we ask him to find some sources moves around with coconut and gives me two more points. In a matter of 15 min the whole exercise is over. A few days later one more borewell agent comes and he uses a Y stick. He points some more points quite opposite to the ones shown earlier, but this guy is clever guy does not ask for money, but insists that I use his digger. Now I am confused  :frowning:.

Now I need to check up with geologists. Finding one is a big problem. They come with some meggers wires, meters etcc. Need to see. Atleast it gives me some satisfaction.

Rate is Rs 65 per ft for drilling. So for 400-500 ft some 25 to 30 K.

I have decided to see an MBBS or an MD for a snake bite than a local guy who chants some mantras !!! Better to be scientific isnt it ??



Quite a dilemma really.

I spoke to a very large geologist company a few months back and asked them how much is the guarantee they are accurate and they said 70%! And the geologists needed to be provided travel, accommodation and food for 2 days in addition to a fee. They were going to survey the area, look at the output of nearby bores and then use their meters of course.

All in all, I thought a 50% probability is there at any spot anyway and you get the geologist for +20%? I know some members including cowherd vouch for some diviners, but I have no clue what is more accurate.

Like everyone says - kismath? :slight_smile: whatever you do, do quiz them on the methods and keep us posted.

I used a local geologist - he is a professor in one of the Engineering college in Chitradurga who has been doing this for last 10 years. He uses resistivity method. He needs about two three labours. He surveyed the entire land (Mine is around 27 acres). He took many readings at different places in the field and that took him an entire day. He went back and analyzed the data and gave me 5 points (Which is what I had asked for) with approximate water output and each one of them was perfect in finding water (Not very sure if the output was exactly the same that he had mentioned - I felt it was more - lucky me!!). For all this, I paid him 6 thousand rupees. I think it is better to find someone like that. I also looked at these private geologists and the cost was coming out to be around 30K!!

Hi Chandra and Narasv,

Yes now finding one geologist is a big task. May be that is the reason, we have dime a dozen, diviners.

All in all, it looks like any place one finds water  ;D. Atleast that is what it used to be. In Bangalore , most of the 30x40 and 60x40 sites that have bore wells, I find them all in N-E direction of the site. So that gives them just 5 ft to drill a well. But for domestic purpose, even 100 ml per sec is good. But for agriculture, it has to be more than 2 inch.

Well Chandra, I think its Kismat  ::)  ::). Added to this again Vasthu pandit insisting water should be in N-E direction  :astonished:  :astonished:

6k for 5 points sure its big money out there with Khana peena taken care off  >:(  >:(



        Underground water availability.what is underground water? It is an aquifer ie , water bearing rock.In between 2 hard layers of rock, water will be running with some force.The quantum and force of running water depends upon the size of the aquifer and meteorological parameters of that particular location. Depending on the force and depth of water running underneath , some tangent force operate vertically on the surface of the ground where we stand. The rightly experienced man whether he is a village guy with coconut in hand or one professor with scientific instrument in hand can definitely discover / find out underground water.The coconut in the hand of village guy swirl in speed if underground water is running in force or just move its nose if force of running water is less.Some thousands of years back without any scientific instrument, our ancient indian sage predicted stars in the sky, and named them as Aswini, barani…and like that . Miraculously they even estimated the size of our earth in that ancient period itself. So we should not underestimate even a village guy. Education is a just a tool which may enlighten ones awareness.  but knowledge is something different which anybody can gain thro’ experience and like that.

Ok let us pray for well being of this human society



        My grandfather constructed 8 borewells and nothing was pointed out by any divine godman or geologist. In my experience both fellows are failing, we still don’t have any foolproof technology to find out water flow at depth of 500 or 1000mtrs.

some points are worth mentioning

  1. no. of borewells in your locality
  2. land slope(some times water flow sideways compared to surface slope direction)
    3)average depth of neighbourhood borewells

But mostly it is of hit and have luck case


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We have studied and heard lot of regarding your doubt regarding Groundwater Exploration. We believe that the local dowser/diviner are true some time accidentally. there would be many reason for success but only except diviner. Science is Science and there are many principles, methodology, instruments and proofs/evidence behind every research. If we are not succeed, then there should be diagnosis and do effort  till success. Thus we do not see any scientific reason behind the success of diviners. It is recommended to go with geologists of the area you may contact us for any problem in this regard: Ratilal Sudani, Anand, 09427382368, Email: we guide the people for right solution in this matter. We also provide services also if it is required for the proposed site.
This is for better future of farmers, groundwater and world.
With best regards,
Ratilal Sudani,

Dear Ratilal,

You seem to be an expert on this subject.  For the benefit of me and others can you explain the methodology, how a geologist finds the presence of water. I have heard that he digs in some conductors and with the help of a megger finds the resistance. Is this true ?

Yes we are all the believers in science, hence this topic.  ;D Diviners Vs Geologists.
But in practicality, the geologists are a rarity. very very hard to find them. Yes their methods and meters give some assurances, but am told they add only 10% more to success rate. Some are abusively expensive. I wonder why the borewell diggers themselves dont offer this service  :-[.

Of all the diggers ie some 10’s of them I inquired, each and every one shrugged off saying that they only do the drilling at the point shown by us. They are not interested in anything else.  :'(  :'(.  End of the day, irrespective of  water or no water,  they laugh all the way to bank. Good business model  :astonished: . Hope some one changes the rules here.



Yes Sir,
We are providing hydogeological services mostly to the farmers mainly in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. and our recorded experiences show the result more than 50 % on an average. Some time we could not find groundwater to the satisfaction of the farmers but it would not be fault of the methods or instruments but there would not be sufficient water under ground aquifers. If proper methods, instruments and necessary time is applied with dedication, then accuracy in the actual results could be made possible. When an highly educated person is providing services to the farmers farm, then farmers should pay the proper fee for his consultancy services. The fee paid to this consultant should not be compared with local diviners. The farmers should calculate how much amount they had expend for digging bore well/dug well after consulting various diviners. We are working since 1990, and we are having the call only from the progressive farmers who think like so. After success to get sufficient water to a farmer in a village after our services, we are rarely inquired another farmer form the same village. There are so many reasons behind such a situation, but we have not any problem in our consultancy work . We are not having more calls from the small cluster, only we have to depend on a large/wide cluster, so our time and energy is wasted in traveling and we charge more to recover our expenditure and time consumed. You may see the detail regarding our services by visiting:  The bore well diggers are not consulting geologists because geologist cannot provide speedy services. Geologist also suggest not to dig the well or may suggest only one point having maximum water. In this situation the borewell diggers may have not work or limited work and thus they can not earn more money.
Thanks a lot to provide your interest in the groundwater issue. The groundwater issue could only be solved by recharging and collection of all the water received from the rain in the particular area. The geologist or deviners or borell diggers could not produce required water with composition of  hydrogen and oxygen. The existing stored water in the underground could be get by any way, but it should be recharged for continuity and quantity!

Ratilal Sudani

how much do you charge per point. i am based in andhra pradesh. i am having 20 Acrs of land. i want your services. you can send details to my mail

Dear sir,
I request you to kindly send me the details of the geologist you mentioned. I completed my graduation and am trying to support my father who is a farmer. We tried local specialists and failed in borewell points. My father is very much disheartened and I suggested taking a geologist"s help.  We do not have a geologist near us( we could not find one). Will you please send us the details of the geologist(professor in engg college at Chitradurga) we will approach and request him to help us.
I sent a mail to you requesting for this help. I think you might not have seen it.
thank you,

Dear sir,
Could you please send us the details of the geologist(professor in engg college at Chitradurga) we will approach and request him to help us.


Hi Murali?
Have you got your bore well point? Who was the finder pointed dig the bore well?
Can you come back with status of bore well now?

Hi Swamy,

Yes I have taken the services of a geologist. He has given me 2 points. Both the points he says are the confluence of 2 or more streams. So as per him there is water in plenty.

Both the points are within 15 ft of existing 3 ph power supply.  He has suggested to go to a depth of 500ft as minimum, irrespective of at what depth you strike water. As per him water available from 60 to 80 ft onwards.

Need your suggestions, Will be going for drilling once the rain stops or when they stop the water in the canal. Does it make any difference. Near by open wells have a water at 25 to 30 ft, but the inflow is small.


Murali KG

In India there are different equipment’s are used to checking the water bell  point. Water diviners use sticks, copper ring, coconut etc., to identify the source. Which of these is reliable and believable. Is there a scientific way like hydro-geology or  satellite mapping available for us common people in India.  Mot cases in India  they used sticks and many times not get water at one or two  points shown by  water diviners.  In these circumstances, it is better to go for Geo-physical surveys which are based on scientific method.  If ground water exploration is carried out with detail hydro-geological study and geophysical survey then ground water sources can be easily be identified in the hard rock terrine.

Hi Murali,

In Bangalore, AFPRO, which is a technical support organization conducts such studies. You may contact them for help at the following address;
Mr.E.Samuel, AFPRO, AFPRO, 56, Hutchins Road, 6th Cross, St.Thomas Town,
Bangalore-560 084. Phone: 09844152972

Good Luck>

BTW … Hitting water on the farm is like getting Moksha in on life term ???… you got to reconcile ur self with what u get based on karma but don’t let that deter you as with rain fed farming also you can do WONDERS please ensure that the bore well rig has it is water level alignment set which is water bubble typically covere under layers of mud from prvious drills as failure would ensure repeat business so they have bothing to loose… whick is on the truck frame that host the drill… and each 20 feet u drill can offset you my a few inches so after a few 100 feet ur like a few feet apart from where the local diviner predicted u will hit an JAAL.

Best it to make sure u go with both scientific as well as diviners and drill on the spot where both have predicted.  UR solid photos are very good and am sure u can do wonders as it a mix of red and black soil.