Suggestion needed for Curry Leaves & Moringa Cultivation

Hi All,
I have 4 acre land near Sathanur, Kanakapura area. I want to develop this area and require guidance from you folks. Please do help me.

Fully fenced, have Teak wood & Silver trees (both may be 5-6 years or more not sure) as fence through out land, have around 40 cocount trees (all are 15-20 years. Distance between one tree to another is around 20-25 feet), have around 12 Mango trees (10 Years old) and have around 5 lemon plants here & there.
Have 3 bore-well with sufficient water. small water stream flows near to land. (only when it rains)

My questions are along with mentioned plants & trees:

  1. Can Curry Leaves & Moringa Cultivation done as inter cropping.
  2. Cocoa tree & Dates cultivation can be done


Dear Ms Lakshmi,
While you have mentioned the details of trees in your farm, are they all intercropped? If yes, does it create good shade? Moringa will need a good open space with plenty of light penetration. Curry leaf can be grown in a relatively shaded area. Also you need to understand the kind of soil in your farm. Curry leaf performs well in alkaline conditions

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Karnataka good demand for moringa
You can continue with Moringa
Good price you can get in Bengaluru market . You can send export market through Bengaluru

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Dear Resp Lakshmi Madam,
we appreciate your interest in Farming.
you can grow curry leaf plants as inter cropping in your land. Your Area is Suitable. since it will not much tolerate water stagnation around, prefer planting on beds of 1 ft ht x 2 ft wd /or/ provide good drainage. Enrich the soil, preferably with regular Pancha Gavya application.
you can grow Moringa Oleifera, cultivation as inter cropping, provided sufficient sun light falls on the plants, as they prefer sunlight.

Up to my knowledge, farming of cocoa trees, prefers plantation in coastal areas, only up to 300 meters height above MSL, but not at above 900 MSL. Apart from this, Cocoa plantations will be done in clusters and Government encourages. Selling also will be difficult as the companies will not prefer. Please find out with your local Horticulture Authorities.
Dates plant is not preferred as an intercrop plant, and it prefers as mono crop and in it you can plant other Shade loving inter crop plants after it reaches considerable height, say after 10+ years.

there are several shade loving plants { must be in shade } and you can think about them too.
wish you all the best.

g.p.rao, farmer

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  1. Can Curry Leaves & Moringa Cultivation done as inter cropping.
    [Padmanabhan Ganesan] You can grow both Curry Leaves and Moringa as intercropping in the coconut area. Curry Leaves grows well in shaded area while moringa can also be grown in between the coconut trees.
    Moringa Trees act as fertilizer as well so you get the double advantage and you will see quality and quantity improvement in the coconut in the upcoming years.

  2. Cocoa tree & Dates cultivation can be done
    [Padmanabhan Ganesan] Both Cocoa and Dates cultivation need good labour. If you have a tie-up with Cadbury’s or similar, you can go for Cocoa. Otherwise, I will not suggest Cocoa.
    Dates is part of the palm variety and since already have coconut you can diversify from this.

I believe you said 4 acres and the current trees will not cover the entire area and there would be ample space for further growth. I suggest you to go for Jackfruit, Lemon, Amla, Guava etc and Lot of Timber trees.
Ensure you get harvest throughout the year. This way you can engage the person in the farm in an appropriate manner.
Also improve the soil and implement mulching throughout the farm, if it is not done already.

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Thanks for the suggestion.
Trees mentioned are not intercropped.
In some place there is good shade, around 2 acer its open space where plenty of light penetration is available.
Please suggest me which variety of Curry Leaves and Moringa is good

Thanks for suggestion i will consider the options provided by you.
Please suggest me which variety of Curry Leaves and Moringa is good

Thanks for reply.
Please suggest me which variety of Curry Leaves and Moringa is good