Suggestion between Solar and Barbed wire fence

Request suggestions on whether to go with Barbed wire fence or Solar fence for my below requirement. My land gets low to moderate rain fall for 2 to 3 months in a year and there are no animals / forest around.


  • Looking at fencing for physical barrier and not for protecting against animals. Fence length about 7800 feet.
  • Want to grow trees along the border for breaking the wind.

Options, Pros & Cons - Please suggest
*In my case, electrical fencing seem to be cheaper than barbed wire fencing by about Rs. 90,000. (I have explained the details for this below). However, trees for breaking the wind need to be grown farther from the fence, may be about 3 to 4 feet from fence to avoid these trees coming in touch with the solar fence. This way , i may be loosing some land around the fencing.
In the case of barbed wire fencing, trees for breaking wind can be closer to the fence, may be about 1 to 1.5 feet from fence, however expensive than solar fencing by Rs 90,000. If it is better to go with barbed wire fencing, can you suggest between local one (12 x 14 , 30 GSM , Rs 63 / Kg, which may rust after 3 to 4 years) and Tata wiron (Rs 85 / Kg and this option increase my total cost by about Rs 45,000).
In my case, solar fencing is working out cheaper than barbed wire fencing for below reasons.

  1. Barbed wire requires poles at 10 feet spacing whereas Solar fencing can be managed with 16 feet spacing. This means over a length of 7800 feet (my current requirement) savings with Solar fencing is about 400 poles or at rate of Rs 180 per pole , this translates to about Rs 70,000. (Barbed wire fence - 1039 poles ,including support stones & 10% breakage, Solar requires - 649 poles) . Note : I have considered stone pillars for this.
  2. Similarly cost of barbed wire (Rs 80 / kg) with 6 lines + 2 diagonals costs another Rs 60,000 extra as compared to solar fence with 12G wire and insulating materials etc.
  3. However, solar fencing required energizer , battery etc. Rs 40,000 extra as compared to barbed wire.
    Hence, overall for this length, solar fencing seems cheaper than barbed wire by about Rs 90,000.

No sir,

Barbed wire Fencing is cheaper than that of Solar Fencing. Barbed wire fencing is Maintenance FREE and solar Fencing needs Maintenance towards Battery and frequent cleaning of Solar Panels. Further there is a Possibility of thefts of solar Panels and theft of GI Wire too.If your Land is in Hyderabad we will provide you the Estimation for Barbed wire Fencing.

You cannot control humans by any of the above methods. If they are really bent on entering your farm, they will do so. The above methods you have mentioned can act as a small hindrance to them, that’s all.

Most of your requirement is already covered in this forum and my blog as well. You can check the previous history.

Thank you Sir,

Human interference cannot be controlled by any Fencing.But can be restricted. Human interference can be controlled by watch and ward of Human only. The Fencing is only for restricting the entrance of Animals freely. For restricting Human interference by a watch and ward of Human only and can have effective monitoring by using latest digital equipment of IP Cameras etc.

Thank you for your inputs and suggestions. i am recooking at my estimates for barbed wire fencing.

As i am keen on natural fencing along with main fence for breaking the wind and other benefits, i am looking at Barbed wire fencing option now.

while reading your issue according to me solar fencing is more comfortable then the barbed wire fence,

Advantages of solar fencing:
It is easy and fast to install,
cheaper than the barbed wire fence, PVC fencing
we can make individual adjustments can made in solar fencing based on the requirement.
A psychological barrier is created which trains the animal to avoid the fence at all cost.
It is good in giving live shock without much damage.
It will work in period of time even in absence of sunlight.
There are main other advantages also.