Suggest power sprayer for 6 acres vegetable farm

I am looking for spaying waste decomposer and jeevamrutham for 6 acres vegetable farm and looking for fast and economical power sprayer .does mist blower can be used for this purpose. pls guide fast and reliable sprayer

Operating a most blower is tedious for operator, it will invite Mishaps from your labourers. On the other hand if it is commonly used around you then no problems.
Possible reasons against most blower:
2t oil is needed to avoid seizing petrol engine
The vibration of engine will cause labour to not do focused spraying
The centre of gravity is at top of blower causing huge weight problems
Most chemicals require dilution in 150ltr / acre to work properly, lower than this will cause chemical injuries and in effective chemical application.

Use Asper HTP or small petrol engine driven pressure backpack of uptown 20ltr tank for best results.

Pls suggest me any best htp 3 phase sprayer for 6 acres curry leaves farm