Sucking pest management

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Sucking pests -white flies, Thrips causing  losses in many crops - cardamom -Model System.

Conventionally  we are  using  Imidacloprid, Acetamiprid etc… Sometimes the pests showing resistance

against the chemicals also.That situation enabled me findout this technology.


Lime-500 gm + Sulphur WP -250 gm + Maida flour -500-750  gm ( Mix the maida flour in 5 lits water

and  boil  to become gummy solution, then add 5  lits more water  -filter ) + Potash(MOP)- 1 kg /200

lits  water  spray on plants.

To increase its efficiency add

3 lits  7 days old buttermilk + Asafoetida -20 gm + jagtonic-1 lit (Ref. Boosting Metabolism in Plants)

mix with the above formula.

“Disease ,Pest Control Strategies In Cardamom”  D.S.Sureshkumar ,Biofarms

Findings  Presented in International Confererence Phytophthora 2011,Rubber Board,Kottayam,Kerala,  15-17 Sept,2011

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Plse use this technique in chillies, Cotton, vegetables see its effect

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