Submersible column pipes uPVC or GI pipes?

I am planning to install submersible pump and need your suggestion on type of Submersible column pipes (uPVC or GI) . The Pump dealer is suggesting GI column pipes whereas i see many advertisements on uPVC column pipes saying that they are good and cost effective alternatives to GI pipes with advantage of less frictional losses as compared to GI pipes (25% additional discharge). Even companies like Jindal which make GI pipes are also making uPVC pipes.

However, i did not have good experience with PVC casing pipes. During drilling of one bore wells , we were inserting Finolex casing pipe (180 mm 6 kgf / cm2 -06 MPA) and they broke into small pieces after inserting 3 lengths. Drilling people claim that  this is due to high water pressure. (we got 2" water for this bore well at 200 feet  and close to 3" water around 400 feet).  Because of this, i am wondering whether uPVC is good choice for submersible column pipes. 

I am looking column pipes for  2 no. of bore wells with different depths

Bore-well 1 :  7.5 HP / 600 Feet / Water yield 1.5"

Bore-well 2 :  7.5 HP / 400 Feet / Water yield 3"  (This is the well where casing pipe broke into small pieces )

Request your suggestions and inputs on selecting the submersible column pipes. 

Thank you Sir,

Don’t go for UPVC Pipes or Black PVC  (HDPE) Pipes . You go far GI pipes of TATA Brand “B” Class ipes, because it should be last longer for several years.If problem arises to pump-set you have to lift it. If you go for pvc pipes, it may damage while lifting the pump you have to loose not only pipe you have to loose Pumpset also.Moreover your Bore Well depth is 600 Feet, it is essentially need to go for GI Pipes that you too “B” Class Pipes .

Regarding 2nd Bore well you Try for inserting 5" or 4" Pipes if it is not silted with mud. If silted you have to go for drilling of another Borewell at a distance of at least 5 Mtrs to avoid interference of leakages from the existing Borewell.

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