Submersibe Pumpt Support through Hose or Pipe

Hello- Can I get some expert advice on the pros and cons of supporting a submersible pump at a depth of 750 fee through a hose or a 1.25 " pvc pipe? Thanks


Hose or pipe, these are not supporting anchors.

I do not suggest using HDPE hose for such depths.Please go for UPVC columns and ensure you have rope tied to the pump as anchor.


Saravana Kumar

Yes, High-density polyethylene would be far better than pvc pipe, the HDPE is durable, long-lasting.

SK sir

“have rope tied to the pump as anchor.” , will 6mm ropes do this? i dont know the name of that rope, but it looks like nylon/cotton mixed

Since you intend to lower the pump to 750ft, please go for higher gauge ropes.

I suggest 10mm rope.

And yes these are nylon.


Saravana Kumar