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Hi All,
This is karunakaran, currently working in Singapore as an IT Consultant. It is my passion to do agriculture. It turns into true six months back.
I am posting some of my farm pictures. Please visit

we started just now. I will keep updating the site. SIMPLY I LOVE FARMING. I collected some information about natural farming , it is updated in my site, and some health tips.

My brother is taking care of the farm. Still a long way to go. One thing is sure, we will not use any kind of chemical fertilizer and pesticides.

I find farmnest is  very very useful.


Have a wonder ful day.

Welcome Karun, keep us posted how things go.

On a separate note, feel free to add photos to this topic directly. If you prefer to keep this as a link to your blog instead, I will move it to the blogs list topic.


Dear Chandra,
I had followed the way how the previous show case items are done. Sure No problem I will put directly photos.

Have a good day,

Thanks Karun.

Hi all,
This is the first stage of our banana trees.
Once we started farming, we found that no earthworm in the entire form and the soil is not so soft. we used panchkavya , with in couple of months we can see the soil became so soft and we can see earth worms.
Later I will post the current stage of banana trees.

Quite interesting. Looks like natural farming is gaining a lot of educated followers!

Did you get those rooms in the background built yourself?

Yes. We built it. First We built one. then after two months another one. with one room . Really it is very cool and comfortable in summer season.

I personally talked to subash palekar. And I got all the books from him, Tamil version.

My initial inspiration is from (when i used to search for natural farming sites in india).

My opinion is we can do wonders by natural farming.

dear karun,

could you please advise, how water availability and irrigation facilities in Dinidigul area. ? is it drought area or water available through out year ? am desperately looking for some farm land searching is going on to start agri farm jointly with 3 buddies. searched in Thirunelveli dist too., but still not succeed. if you know any good broker or if you know any sellers in your near by farm land please share with me. rgds mathew 09825611425

Quite interesting. Looks like natural farming is gaining a lot of educated followers!
[/quote] Why Only educated followers? all has to adopt all possible simple methods for sustainable feature, are you ready?

Because sometimes education takes one away from things ‘natural’! :smiley:

I have tried a little bit of natural farming, but clearly with little success. There are certainly some adjustments to be made, but more about that on another thread.

Hi Mathew,
It is a mixed zone. In my village it self some places are very rich in water resources. some places no water. most of the places water is ok. My farm has a very good water and it is so tasty. local people are using it for drinking purposes.

[color=blue][size=100]It is fortunate to have good water source. but i need to preserve it. I am taking all the initiatives like rain water harvesting techniques to preserve it. I had already implemented drip irrigation for my drumstick trees, and sprinkler for jasmine flower. it saves a lot of water and electricity. it is very beautiful when the sprinkler starts spraying water. 

I will check with my friends about your query. i am also looking for agri lands in ourskirts to start another natural farming along with my friends.

Have a good day and happy farming.

Initial Step of Integration Farming

Initial Step of Integrated Farming

dear karun,

thanks lot for the details and in formations. am desperately trying to find out one good land in Tnkasi, Rajaplayam …(tirunelveli dist) also trying to find land in dindigul dist, but understand dindigul is too costly, anyways hope i can get your or your sources help in achieving our dreams. also once we started farm in TN, it would be my previlage to seek your sharing of experiences and knowledge,

cant access your website…says database error?

just now i tried. it is ok.

Please read this, may interest you. … 8/#msg6618

Thanks and Regards

Anant Joglekar
Managing Member - Orgagro Farms India
C.E.O. - Organic Linkage On-line Multipurpose Organization
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Sheds constructed before, but still planning to improve.Planning to construct a bamboo house, or low cost house.

Hai Karun sir,appreciation to your efforts.let us know how to get the Tamil version of subash palekar books.thank u

Hi sir ,we r also native of Madurai in Tamil Nadu,currently in  it possible for us to visit ur farm any time during Diwali…