Subash palekar Natural Farming

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Are you following subash palekar Natural Farming method? Are you practicing 5 layer Farming in your field.I am in Tamil Nadu, and would like to know about the models you have adopted.Thanks


I am practicing organic farming with Korean natural farming practices . I basically use NCOF waste decomposer and prepare my liquid fertilizers and use both foliar and basal fertigation. If you are interested to know details kindly get in touch with me.

Thank you for your email. I am interested to know about this.Already one person in coimbatore is following this Korean farming as his farm is far away from his residence and he visits only at week ends.
Kindly explain me about NCOF as I have not heard about that.

Farmer Krishnappa is following Palekar’s ZERO BUDGET FARMING method with 5 layers production at Bannur, Near Mandya, Karnataka. He is having you tube video and you can get his phone details.
I suggest you adopt the method and add our biofertiliser to get better Quality and Quantity yield.
Mahesh BABU

NCOF stands for national council for organic farming. They have developed a microbial culture from cow dung. This culture is available on Amazon from different licenced manufacturers. You can find details from the link below. If you are satisfied with the details. I will be glad to walk you through on what I do.,%2C%20soil%20health%20reviver%2C%20etc.

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Am looking for this 5 Layer farmin