Subash palekar 36x36 model in southern tamilnadu

In my farm in virudhanagar district in tamilnadu (800-900 mm rain). I want do to 36x36 subash palekar method 1 acre as a trial. I have access to enough water to provide water for this 1 acre throughout the year through drip irrigation.

First of all can i substitute coffee with a dwarf variety of papaya ? I wanted to do Coconut, arecanut, gliricidia, papaya(instead of coffee), banana and pepper eventually.

Is there any practical video in english or tamil on doing a 36x36 model from start to end ? I tried finding one all i ended of with are a few scattered videos of whiteboard explanations. nothing practical showing real fields. Found a few videos in Telugu [1 (] , but nothing in tamil or english.

Is there anyone out there in this forum who has practical experience with this model? Is there a farm in tamilnadu where i can visit to check it out in person?

Looking for a step by step guide on when to plant what. Should all the plants be planted all at the same time or should it be staggered planting?

I want to document this setup process from beginning to end. from putting in the drip line all the way.

I have read the book and my understanding is that all the crops have to be planted all at the same time.

Check facebook “Vetri Zero Budget Natural Farming”. Please note that I do not have any contact with this person just that I came to know he is implementing this method in India and abroad.

Best of Luck!!! and please do document the process end-to-end and this will help others.

Dear Gopinath mc, did you get any guidance in this regard. i am also looking for similar help. if you are aware now can i get in touch with you to get more details