Subabul plants


I am looking for subabul plantation in 10 acres let me know where can I get the saplings.


If you want to plant subabul in 10 acres, I suggest you to buy the seeds from Suresh Forestry Network, Bangalore and create a nursery using the seeds.  This will you will lessen your costs as well as can manage the saplings in an easy way.

Please note that you can easily harvest subabul seeds from mature trees as well.

Padmanabhan Ganesan

Can’t we get get subabul and Malabar Neem saplings


Hi Arun,

You can get the Subabul clones from ITC Bhadrachalam.

Subabul plantation is being done heavily in Prakasam District. You may want visit any such land and speak with the farmer directly to get a first-hand knowledge and to get many good inputs.


Dear Sri Arun,

Few facts, I want to bring to your knowledge. Before , i will answer your question.

Firstly , to answer your question, ITC, Bhadrachalam, Telangana state is selling Subabul clones, with or without Buy back agreement . All most all the paper mills and Forest depts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, are selling the subabul nursery Plants, on availability.

The facts are, Prakasham, Kurnool,krishna,west godavary district farmers are growing Subabul. Mostly major share is Prakasham,kurnool and Krishna District farmers. Results are not much encouraging. For subabul plantations, farmers will spend a sum of rupees 7,000/ to around 10,000/ per acre in toto in three years ( if land is own ) and after 3 years, they get around rs 35,000/- to rs 40,000/ per acre and till a period of 20 years, once in 3 years. It means, the farmers income will be rs 7,000/- to rs 10,000/- per anum. Recently, I heard that even this amount is also not regular for these farmers. I dont know, where the lucona lies.

hence I only advise you to go for Subabul plantations, only after a study with Prakasham,Kurnool and Krishna district Subabul farmers.

with best wishes,  g.p.rao,    farmer

Dear G.P. Rao,

Based on my little experience/knowledge of Subabul cultivation at our hometown, I’d like to propose a small correction to the numbers you gave. The yield is like 30 tons per acre every 3 years; so the revenue would be around Rs 1 lakh / acre in 3 year time slots (based on the rates that is been oscillating between Rs 3000/ton to Rs 3700/ton recently). If there is a proper irrigation facility then the cutting can be done within 2.5 years too. Thanks to Arun & G.P.Rao for brining up this topic for discussion.


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Dear Sri Raj ,

From several years, in several ocassions, I met so many farmers of Prakasham, krishna and kurnool  districts and as per my gathered information, I have studied little on Subabul plantations. I came to know that it is not doing well and the farmers are not happy with the returns.

Several times, so many news clips had come in TVs and news came in Daily News Papers, stating that the subabul farmers are not happy with subabul farming, because of the low pricing and marketing troubles facing.

When sri Arun asked also, I have advised him to study well with the Subabul farmers and come to a conclusion, whether to go for Subabul farming or not. It is purely my feed back from farmers, gathered information  and study.

As you said, if it is good to go for cultivation of Subabul, please advise sri Arun to go for Subabul farming.

I feel great, and thankful to you on behalf of our forum, if this farmer grows subabul plants and gain good amounts, as you say.  we are here, only to help our needy forum farmers. Hope the best.

with best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer

Dear G.P.Rao Sir,

My message was not to question your knowledge/experience. Sorry if it sounded like that. But just wanted to share the numbers from the cultivation in our own land. Again it all depends on various factors to choose the crop. All our villagers are happily going ahead with Subabul. When I was worried about such fertile land being NOT used for growing rice crops (few years back it used to be only the rice crop) and when asked them for the same, they said about two concerns 1) non-availability of human power 2) revenue not being lucrative in comparison with the work they do. So, since the Subabul cultivation is not labour intensive (it just needs to be taken care in the first 6 months after planting), and the revenue they are earning is more that what they would earn from Rice, they seem to be happy with Subabul. And yes, there are obvious problems with the rates and the middle-men exploiting the farmers etc… that concern was there even when they were growing rice crops.

As I said earlier, it all depends on various factors to choose the crop, so it is up to Mr. Arun. As there was no response from him, not sure if he is reading these conversations between us :slight_smile: So let him choose the crop and we both let us choose to befriend with each other and exchange positive communications :slight_smile:

Thank you once again. I respect your seniority. I’m just a budding farmer.


Dear Sri Raj,

You are my good friend and I feel all our farmer friends are my good friends. I only feel to inform to our forum friends that, we should get considerable revenue, and it starts from the variety of crop, we choose.

My intention is only to inform Mr Arun that, the forming of Subabul is not in soft way and in hurdles. local farmers are diffarent. Most of Them, wants to grow only those crops,which are grown by that village,area etc.

If any one farmer wants to grow a crop like Subabul, My intention is only bring to their knowledge a real scinario and if they ask, wants to tell them that so many other variety plantations are doing well and we can try them, by giving details.

My true saying to you is, since we are educated farmers, let us do finding a new way in farming, new varieties to our area, may be with little risk.

With best wishes to you and assuring you of our good forum friendship,    g.p.rao,  farmer

Hi Raj/GP Rao Garu,

I have done ground work on this last month visiting 3 places in mahabubnagar near to my village where subabul is grown and i have got positive response from all the farmers as it is very much suitable to the land which i have with pretty good water facility.

Out of 3 farms i visited all have got saplings from different places and they have advised me to get saplings from Bhadrachalam ITC as they are cloned ones and will grow much faster than traditional way.

By any way do you have any idea where exactly can we get these cloned saplings of ITC Bhadrachalam in Hyderabad?


Dear sir we are the producers of ITC Subabul clones interested farmers can contact us for details.

Dr. K Srinivas
Managing Partner
Srikiran Biotech
Cell 9849194748


We have cultivated 15acres of Subabul plants and the age of those plats are 3.5years.
We are not finding good buyers for the wood.
Please advise the current average price per ton and few buyer contacts if anyone has the details.

Advise if we can contact paper Mills directly?

Our plantation is in Jogulamba Gadwal district, Telangana.