Strawberry farming to be started Aug 2017

Hello all,
Good to be here. I call myself rookie farmer and looking for any lead/help/suggestion in strawberry farming. I own land which is fertile. I am looking for steps in approaching govt for subsidy and loans. Please share anything that is relevant/irrelevant but sensible :slight_smile:

Dear Sri chmanoj, 

Welcome to our Farmers dedicated forum sir.

Does not matter, even you may be a rookie farmer and as such, you have a fashion and affection on farming.

Please enquire for good farms , in and around, and try to visit them.

Pl enquire for progressive farmers, and try to interact with them.

Firstly, never forget that farming is a profitable activity like so many, provided done with good planning and fashion. Financial ease, planning is a must, hence make budget and implement it properly.

Agricultural activities are very big and ask specific doubts, and hope you will get suitable answers from our Forum…

Firstly, farming Strawberry in open farming, may not be a correct, basing on the Hyderabad conditions. Strawberries are well grown in Mahabaleswaram area of Maharashtra state, in open farming.

I opine that Strawberries can be grown in Greenhouses in Hyderabad area. It will be a profitable venture , provided you do it after a good required study and/or with a suitable experts guidance.

Per acre of Strawberry farming in a green house, requires around 40 to 45  lakhs in total.( subsidies and loans to be adjusted ).

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer.