Straight fertilizers or compound fertilizers

Can I use mixture of straight fertilizers like urea, SSP and MOP instead of mix fertilizers like 19-19-19, 12-32-16 and 10-26-26 etc.?

Yes, that is equally effective and economical.
Mixing should be just before application though.

Thank you sir, the fertilizer shop owner told me that uptake process of 19-19-19, 10-26-26 are different from that 9f straight fertilizers so straight fertilizers don’t work 100% hence mix fertilizers were made to available to plants at 100% potential. Is it true?

The uptake process of fertilizers differ based on the form of the nutrient - e.g., nitrate nitrogen vs. ammoniacal nitrogen. This is not necessarily a function of straight vs. complex - a decision on the form needs to take into consideration the speed of availability and the crop.

For that matter, SSP provides P, S and Ca - so it is superior to providing P from a complex fertilizer.

The one benefit of complexes is the ease of application, but otherwise straight fertilizers are equally good, if not better.

Thank you sir, actually I am very new in farming and i don’t have any technical knowledge of agriculture. If i have to start knowing arop nutrient uptake process, fertilizers, their use, type, such details information and knowledge is there any website or forum or online lecture on all these agriculture details?