Stevia farming need advise

Hi All,

I want to do stevia faming. Someone said its banned in India. But I could not find any relevant information on internet.

Please let me know if stevia is permitted to grow.

If yes can you help me with market near Bangalore. If not best market in India.

Thanks in advance for your info.

Please feel free to contact at WhatsApp no 8368383283

Stevia farming is not at all banned in India… Used to make sugar free products, stevia has a huge market potential

Thank you all,

some one please guide me with steps and procedure to cultivate stevia. I have land in Dharmapuri dist of Tamilnadu, planning to cultivate post Pongal.

looking for your advise.

This is for first time I will be stepping into farming, I stay away from farmland and cannot visit farm frequently so thought of stevia.

if you have any better suggestion where i can cultivate other crops with less irrigation along with low maintainance, as i cannot visit farm frequently…