Stevia Cultivation - Hydroponic method

Hi Farmnest team,

I have been wanting to get into agriculture for a long time. Finally the time has come and for last few months I have been updating myself with the latest in the field. With over 12+ yrs of corporate experience, I think a business like approach with adequate backup plans is what the need of the day is. I have almost zeroed in on growing Stevia as a main crop with backup plan of Dairy farming and vegetable crops. Just when I thought I was ready, I bumped into Hydroponic farming… now if effectively used, this method reduces the space requirement to almost 20-25% of the original requirement. This means lower investment and bigger space for alternative options (maybe a small training center for other farmers on the modern methods of farming or even an evening school…) for this to happen I need your help…

I would like some suggestions if stevia can be grown hydroponically and would really appreciate some guidance on it. I’m ready to pay consultancy fee and travel if required.


Mod note: Our guess is that you meant hydroponics, corrected.

Thank you Sir Mr.Nithin for your Innovative thought, It is Possible,

When Flower Crops like Roses,Gerbera, Coronation are growing why not Stevia. More over quality Stevia Can be Produced because we can Provide  all the Fertigation with Micro Nutrients.Please go through the following Links which will Help you and keep me update your Project from time to time. … arden.html

for Vasudha Green Farms,,

Thanks Manne,

Since there has not been any response other than you; I have a feeling not many have tried this method. Since I’m just a start up and cannot afford to invest into something which is not tried (considering the risks) I think I will try it out on my roof first before going full fledged in the farm.

Waiting to set up my roof farm tomorrow. This weekend will be hydroponic setup weekend :slight_smile:

Well Mr. Nithin if you have well conversant with Hydroponic  you can go ahead without any hesitation initially for 200 Mtrs. Other wise you go far Planting on Roof Garden. You can get results in a Short Span of SIX Months.Then you can go for in a Large scale.

Hi Nithin,

Good luck with your rooftop farm pilot / prototype.

BTW I am another enthusiast just like you (looking to make a start). I have been advised its best to let the consultant study the local market, soil and weather conditions and then recommend what to grow.  But Manne is an expert and if he says its ok to start with Stevia… why not! 

Do post pics, we would love to see how you are getting along.

Thanks a LOT

hi Team,

I met an expert in stevia cultivation during my Kisan Expo in Bangalore. According to him, sunlight is very very essential for stevia cultivation. So, I have concluded that it is not a good idea to go for stevia in hydroponics method. Planning to go ahead with it in farm in march/april I will keep you posted on the developments.

thank you sir,
not necessary to go for Hydroponic in Poly House/Shadenet. As well you can have this method in the open field too.

Hello group

i am an enthusiast, and interested in Stevia cultivation, preferably by Hydroponics.

Is there any feedback an the earlier discussions?
Any guidance will be extremely appreciated.

Mr Nitin
I am  a retired  banker just into hydroponics. I can help you in design and development of hydroponics garden

Further I can help you to  develop stevia through hydroponics

Only problem is that you have to go for real buyers then go for stevia.

Stevia plants are available  and it takes just 100 days for first crop

You  can call me 9894933459