Stevia Bulk Acquistion

Dear all,

My name is Mohit Goyal and I’m writing on behalf of Reyanna Foods. We are in the business of bringing innovative and ingenious health food options to customers. One of our areas of focus is to provide best quality and variety in food and beverages made with stevia extract. We are currently exploring the Stevia market and came across your offerings and work in this area.

We are writing to you because we believe that through your expertise in stevia extraction and manufacturing we can introduce a great product in market. It would be good to connect and understand common areas of interest.

With this regard, I would like to ask a few questions about your offerings.

Do you have a farming operation for stevia? If no, from where does the company source stevia?

Are you willing to supply stevia extract at our Bangalore facility?

What is the minimum quantity the company is willing to supply per month?

What is the price per kilogram?

Thank you taking out your time. Hoping for a quick response.

Best Regards,

Mohit Goyal

(Food Specialist Consultant)


Do you develop the organic farm lands on contract basis. If so let me know. I do have 20 acres of good land with tube well facility.

Yes we develop the organic farmlands on a contract basis. give your location please and your phone number.

Hi Mohit

Please share complete details.
I cannot find the website or any other details of Reyanna foods.

Many a farmers in past have burnt their hands from Stevia. So be upfront, and share the commercials, details of the company, contract terms, so that people realise this is not a hoax.
Unfortunately in our country, Farmers are being taken for ride the most, from middlemen to politicians to everyone else.
So want clarity

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Location: Allura,
Tlq: Humnabad
Hobli: Hallikhed (B)
Dist. Bidar

Dr. N. S. Biradar
B.E., M.E., Ph.D (IIT Bombay)

Technical Adviser,
SJM Institute of Technology, Chitradurga
CISCO Consultant,
Whatsapp (9164085395)
Residence (9011457424)

I have already farm and further discussion call me 9972786775