Stem rot and powdery mildew in Capsicum - advice needed

Hello Friends,
My capsicum is undergoing dual attacks at the moment. We are being hit by Powdery Mildew attack as well as some cases of Stem Rot.
For powdery mildew, we are spraying Roko, then after 5 days, we are spraying wettable sulphur and then repeat if required.
Please let me know if this is fine according to you.

I wanted experts to please advice on how to control Stem Rot. I have not been able to find any solution yet.
Please let me know.


Roko and/or Sulphur should suffice. Also make sure that the underside of the leaves are sprayed.
Avoid Urea i.e any source of nitrogen at this point as it will only worsen the condition. 
Expose the plants to lots of sunshine.

Stem rot mostly due to drainage issue. Are you not growing them on raised beds???
Try Rodomil around the base of the plant.

Are you growing them in a greenhouse? Pots at home?

A thread suggested milk for powdery mildew: … y-mildew!/

It would be great if anyone has organic methods for the situation.

Firstly, If infection is limited to a small area then best is to Prune the infected part. If infected area is large then you can try the solutions below:

1 table spoon of baking soda + 2-3 tea spoons of dish wash powder in about 1 liter of water can be used as foliar spray. So if you need 10 liters of the solution, then you have to use 10 liters of water + 10 spoons of soda + about 23 spoons of dish wash powder.

1 table spoon of baking soda + 2-3 teaspoons of coconut oil in about 2-3 liters of water can be used as foliar spray.


100 grams of crushed garlic in 200 ml of neem oil + 60-90 ml of alcohol. keep for 48 hours. Then add 3-4 litrers of water, mix well and strain. Ready to use.


1/3 part vinegar mixed with 2/3 parts water.  Ready to use.  I vouch by this as i use it on my walls to keep away fungi/mold during the monsoon season.


300 ml of 5% hydrogen peroxide with 700 ml water. Ready to spray.


We are growing on Raised Beds in Greenhouse with plastic mulching.
I think the mistake happened few days back when our drips were continuously running for almost 8 hrs which might have flooded the raised bed. Because of mulching we failed to notice the drips running.
We drenched with COC- Blitox 2gm/lt for the plants that were dying and included some 4 plants on each side.

For powdery mildew, I sprayed Sulphur today. I am not comfortable to use milk and other organic remedies as this is the first time with capsicum, but I am glad to hear about so many non-chemical options.

Thanks agri_exec for contributing.


dear nikilji,
where is your farm in Karnataka? we can provide an organic solution if needed. we will physically demonstrate the same in your green house. this would be a suitable thing to do. a doctor has to treat the patient personally.

Dear Agri-exec,

Those remedies you have suggested - what are they for? Controlling powdery mildew or stem rot? can you please clarify?