Stats / Quick Analysis of Horticulture Handbook - 2014

Was going thru the attached Horticulture Hand book and found these interesting stats, tried to refer the page or the table from which the inference was made. This is not a research / analysis done for days, its just a quick 30 mins glance of the handbook and identified inferences.

Page 5/48 - India distribution of Horticulture Crops
Fruits 31%
Veggies 61%
Plantation Corp 6%
Spices 2%

Page 6/48 - Tamilnadu is highest producers of Flowers (18%)
Page 6/48 - Andhra Pradesh leading Spice (20.7%)
Page 7/48 - Fresh Onions are the biggest exporters in last 4 years followed by Fresh Vegetables and many others like fresh mango, Mango Pulp are insignificant.

Page 6/48 - India is second to China not just in population but also in Fruit production and Vegetables production.

Tab 2.2(a) - Looks like 90% of the allocated Horticulture budget is being utilized (as per stats) with best being micro irrigation almost close to 98%

Tab 3.5 - trends of Percentage share in total Horticulture
Fruits dropped from 32% in 2008-2009 to 30.2% in 2012-2013
Vegetables marginal increase from 60.1% in 2008-2009 to 60.3% in 2012-2013

Tab 4.1(a) Best price for
Onion is in Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov
Potato is Nov, Dec
Tomato July, Oct, Nov

Top two Export of Mango goes to UAE, Bangladesh
Top two Export of Fresh Onion goes to Bangladesh, Malaysia
Top two Export of Flowers goes to USA, Germany

Horticulture Imports
Fruits & Veges Seeds

Interestingly our Fruit productivity of 11.6 MT/ Ha is same as China
But signifacantly lower than USA, Indonesia, Brazil

Vegetables - we are almost at the lowest Productivity at 17.6, where USA has 32 and China has 23.4
handbook2014.pdf (2.1 MB)

While the Govt produces these types of handbooks, have you (we) have wondered why information is not available freely and transparently?

  1. Do you(we) have information on the crops (handbook or checklist) for the respective soil for a farmer to decide on his own?
  2. Do you(we) have information on the crops (handbook) that consumes the number of litres for its lifetime or per day consumption?
  3. Do you(we) have information on the crops (handbook) economic life expectancy? etc

This question is not pointed at you but more specifically to think over for all of us.

I got this information thru google only and at no cost. not sure what you actually ment by freely and transparently??

regarding your three questions, I agree that this information is very important, and yes as a newbie I was looking for this kind of information but could not gather.

Knowing very well how the systems are driven, I would not be too keen on expecting the details from them. I am pretty sure that given the knowledge base and the wide experience we have in this forum, we should be able to build /compile (with good moderation and only reference content, discussion can happen on the forum here) on topics like

  1. Innovation in each category of farming (irrigation, plantation, fencing, et al)
  2. Best practices of each plant
  3. Economics (project report) of each plant
  4. Mapping of soil vs plants
  5. Share the market information
  6. Best intercropping for each plant vs soil
  7. FAQ

Yes I understand it requires some efforts from each of us, especially the knowledgeable, but I think Agripedia is the need of the hour for all the newbies and reference material. Lot of this information might be in the forum, but there are lot of contradicting version. very confusing for a person looking for clarity or more knowledge

Though with clear disclaimer  :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

heres the file

horticulture handbook 2014 :slight_smile:
handbook2014.pdf (1.43 MB)

My comments inline…

That is the absolute purpose of FarmNestWiki
We just folks to write on areas they have knowledge on.