Startup cost of Poly House

Hai ! I am new to agriculture. I want to cultivate Capsicum in 1 acre of land using with modern agriculture technology.
First of all how much money do I need (in hand) to start POLY HOUSE construction?

As you said you are new to agriculture so suggestion is donot jump into polyhouse of 1 acre.

Get trainings from kvks study material then start at smaller level and then slowly increase.

Regarding cost - 1 acre naturally vantilated polyhose costs approx 35 to 40 lakh and fan pad system comes across 55 to 60 lakh.

Govt gives subsidy of 50% and that is very tuff to get , if you are lucky then u will get good horticulture officer and he will make things easy for you.

States like MP stopped giving subsidy so better xheck first and then procees.