Starting Farming in 4 acres of land


I have 4 acres of land near Mysore(Karnataka), It is not being used for farming yet. I have farming background but I will not be able to show full time commitment for another 2-3 years. But till then I want to use the land for a good cause. Please suggest me what I can do, I was thinking to give it for lease it but do not want to take risk of spoiling the soil as I have plan to do Organic farming after 2-3 years…

It has red soil with little small pebbles/rocks and should be good to start with cultivation. It has one bore with 3 inch of water. I would like to do basic developments activities right now with little profit in my land so that by 2-3 years it will be good to start Organic farming with poly house(cultivating exotic vegetables/fruits/flowers).

Please share your inputs and share details if you have done any such projects of basic development like Organic/live fencing, planting trees like drumstick, teak, Neem, medicinal plants etc at the border, other things like construction of cement blocks for producing Organic manure/vermicompost and solar power for pumping water, etc,. If you have any website/blogspot them please share the link.

I need to know about cost estimates for providing basic farmland development.


I am sure you will not be doing all 4 acres using polyhouse. You should use the remaining part of the land for growing trees as they will supplement the polyhouse.

If you start right now, within 3-5 years, the trees will be bearing fruits and they will be good for your income as well.

Padmanabhan Ganesan

Thanks Sir for your inputs, please suggest a good company who are into building polyhouse near Mysore and provide services.