Starting a tree plantation on 10 acres of land. Newbie; Kindly Help

Hello everyone :smiley:,
I recently bought 10 acres of agricultural land near Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh. As I am completely new to farming, I will be needing a lot of help. It will be greatly appreciated if you answer some of the queries I have-

  1. My near-and-dear ones are saying I should plant either Eucalyptus or Poplar trees. Which one grows sooner and gives greater returns?Are there any other trees that can be suitably grown in West UP?
  2. I have heard that Eucalyptus damages the soil. Is that true?
  3. For security purposes, I will be leasing the land to a known farmer family which will be doing inter-cropping between the trees. Which crop is suitable for that purpose?
  4. How much distance should I keep between the adjacent trees for maximum produce of the trees?

I will be posting more questions when they arise. Any sort of help and tips regarding tree plantation are welcome.

Hello sir
I am from Karnataka.if you want to grow inter crops, Gmelina Arborea and Melia Dubia is your best choice.keep a minimum spacing of 10×10 feet.Both species grow faster and fetch good value in get definitely good returns in 20 years.both are soil friendly tree species. They improve soil fertility and give you a natural forest feel.roots grow  deeper in the soil and do not interrupt in cultivation of inter crops. Leaves decompose faster and help earthworm population growth. Plant  mahogany on boundary line, as they have strong root system and effectively slowdown strong wind. Gmelina arborea and mahogany are high value timber providing species.
(Forgive me for my English)
Thank you.

Not Necessary be wait for 20 Years in Regard to Melia Dubia…It will fetch a GOOD income of Rs.20 Lakhs in 6+ Years and Rs.35 to 40 Lakhs in 10 Years  even on Worst Conditions. Wood-based Industries are eagerly waiting for Future Harvesting Timber of Melia Dubai. No doubt for getting off the above Income and we are eagerly bringing out the Results.Hence, ONE can go for Melia Dubai .Gmelina Arborea (Gummadi Teak in Telugu&Shivani in Kannada) will not have such GOOD Growth as that of Melia Dubai as per the Trila Conducted.

If your intention is to get timber output , then as recommended earlier go for Melia Dubia. By all means Please avoid Eucalyptus at all costs! It will not only degrade your area but also your surrounding neighboring areas too and the saplings propagated from your area seeds can grow as weeds in your neighboring areas for generations.
If your purpose is not mainly timber - then you could look at fruit bearing trees like Jackfruit etc which will be more beneficial , its leaves  has value for lifestock and wood is good for carpentry.
If you have a good water source for your land ,then may I recommend Coconut plantation - Its has value for all its parts apart from a regular income from the nuts after the initial 4 years

Please plant teak, vijaysar which have good timber market.Grow medicinal herbs such as shatavari, drumsick, which have good market demand. Ashwaganda cultivation also very useful in UP. Contact meet near by nursery or Krish vijnan kendra.
Dr. Santhan P
Medicinal plant consultant