Starting a GIR cows dairy farm - What are the differences


I have a Jersey/HF dairy farm with 20 cattle. I am in the process of setting up one more dairy farm. After attending Subhash Palekar’s workshop last week, i would like to explore the possibility of setting up a GIR cows farm.

  1. What is the behaviour of the cows ? Jersey/HF are of soft nature and easy to manage.

  2. Can we use milking machine to milk GIR cows ?

  3. While milking , is there a need to bring the calf near the cow ? For how long (after calving) this has to happen ? only first few months of the milking period or whole of milking period ?

  4. Milk yield : What is the typical milk yield ?

  5. What is the variation in the milk yield (month on month)? from calving till it becomes dry ?

  6. After calving, within how many months , the cows can be inseminated again ? Can we follow artificial insemination method ?

  7. Please let me know any GIR cow farm around Bangalore-Mysore region.

Many thanks,
-Ganapathi Bhat

I am planning to set up a cattle farm in Odisha with Holstein Friesian cross breed cows. I have few queries, as i am new to this industry… Please guide me

  1. What would be the cost for one Holstein Friesian cross breed in India, as I am looking an average 20-25 liters everyday from a cow …
  2. Where I can get these breed in India ?
  3. Whether this breed is fit for Odisha ?
  4. What would be the average daily expense for a single cow ?

My place is very hot in summer it will go up to 45degree to 47degreee in summer.


Vishal Goel

hi mr vishal, i am jagannath from odisha,i am also planing for an organic gir cow dairy farm of 1000 cows.please contact me on 8249972292 if you are interested in this project.