Starting a Dairy Farm in Himachal Pradesh


I plan to start a Dairy Farm in Himachal Pradesh near Dharamshala or Palampur or Kangra. I want to start with around 15 to 20 Cows and plan to increase the cattle strength up to 50 in next 18 to 24 months. Please advise me about the viability of the project and type of Cows that can give good results. Also please inform us from where I can buy Cows, equipments, etc.


Sanjay Raina

There are many questions to ask before starting dairy farming business. Do you have sufficient knowledge about dairy farming? Can you manage the animals? Is there any good market near your farm location? Can you grow green feeds for your animals? Is there proper veterinary service in your area?
Consider all those questions before starting dairy farming business. If all the answers become positive, then you can happily go with small scale dairy farming business with 15 to 20 cows. Thank you! … india.html

I am also planning to start a small scale dairy farm and want to upgrade it in coming years.
I have analysed all the cases like market,vet.,food .
Only aspect where i am lagging is the cow shed .as i have my farms in hilly area ,so i am not able to design the sheds.

If @royfarms or any other can help me analysing and designing the cow shed,it will be a great help

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Dr Dasharath Thakor

Instead of Cow , try free range goat and sheep farm with milk yielding breed and convert milk into western cheese .