Starter Button in 3HP Submersible Pump

Hi Everyone - I recently installed a single phase 3 HP Texmo submersible pump for my bore. The pump is currently at a depth of 380 feet. The display on the electricity meter shows the incoming voltage in the range of 240 to 250 volts.

When I switch on the starter the voltage reading on the electricity meter and the starter panel shows as 160 to 170 volts and the functioning of the pump becomes erratic, sometimes pumping water and at times not.

I observed that when I keep pressing the green button on the starter panel (on button), the output of water doubles from the outlet as compared to when I just leave it on after pressing only once.

I would like to understand the impact of continuously keeping the starter switch on. What does it do? Why is the water output more? Does this cause any damage to the electronics inside the panel or the submersible pump?

Would a servo stabilizer help me here? Which one would be better - manual or automatic? air-cooled or oil-cooled?


Hey Murali,

Please give me some more information on the make of the starter. Is it a local made, put together by the electrician or from a company like L&T, Siemens etc.

Also, is this a newly bought or an old one? If you can send a snap it will be useful.


Thanks for the response. It is a new starter system. Meeco make. The dealer says he will bring the electrician to check and see if a booster/condenser is required. I do not fully understand what this condensor would do.


The voltage in your area is pretty low . It is common in Tamil Nadu . When choosing a motor try to choose a low voltage , high efficiency motor . The condesor boosts the voltage and gives power to the starting coil in the motor . The voltage varies according to the load . So please check your EB meter when the pump is switched on for voltage .

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I left my reply half way:

3 HP on a single phase is a high load in my opinion. This will draw a high current of around 18-20 A which will result in drop in voltage. Please check if the motor rating is commensurate with the load. I am not sure what was the head requirement that you arrived at.

There are a lot of other technicalities involved but it is a good thing that you are getting the dealer and electrician to check out. Servo stabilizers will help but please choose one with the right capacity. If possible, ask the dealer if he has a spare which you can try out to see if it makes any difference.

The higher output on pressing the start switch might be due to the capacitor in the single phase starters which might be contributing to higher voltage thereby increasing torque and motor output. Please confirm this with the electrician. I am really not sure which type of starter is being used and making some assumptions here.

Also, check the wire gauge and distance from pole, maybe its causing voltage drop. If its long like around 200-300 feet make sure you use at-least 6 sq. copper or 10 Sq. Aluminum wire.