Sri Palekar's workshop Mysore

Palekar workshop in mysore if you folks are interestd:
19 to 23 Nov 2014 Mysore, Karnataka Mr. Prasanna – 9845304230
Mr Krishnappa - 9880587545 -


For which subject ??

Any website ??

See his website.

Zero Budget Natural Farming work shop by Sri Subhash Palekar

Dates from 19th Nov to 23rd Nov 2014 total 5 days

Venue: Kalamandira, Mysore

Registration : Rs. 300/- including food and accommodation for 5 days. Who requires accommodation has to confirm well in advance. First come first bookings. There are limited seats so HURRY

Where to deposit booking Money: Janachethana Trust, A/c no. 64153546389 ISFC code SBMY 0040441, Kuvempunagar Branch, Mysore.

Please preserve Bank deposit slip. By showing the Bank deposit slip you will get the participation card at the venue.

For further clarifications you can call mr. Prasanna or Mr. Krishnappa

I met few ZNBF farmers of south Karnataka at Mysore on 22nd October 2014,

One of the farmer grows sugar cane at 8’ x 8’ his produce weight 50-60 tons per harvest.

The online transfer is not working. It comes back after a day. Tried three times already. Maybe there’s something needed to be done on their bank account to enable online transfer?

You can aproach nearest State Bank of Mysore branch and do NEFT. looks like there is a missing “0” in the account number. If this is the case counter personnel will let you know the correct number or the name. Since it is trust they should help you.

‘0’ is at the beginning or the end? Could you please post the correct account number for the larger audience?


Sorry for the delay in answereing. I have checked but it is correct many farmers from Hyderabad and Tamilnad transferred money to the same account. Please double check you have mentioned all details correctly.

Those who are in Mysore area can walk into HASIRU (an organic shop) in Jayalakshmipuram and get yourself registered. The contact person is Swamy Anand.


At Mysore, attending the workshop. Inauguration event is going on. Large crowd. Good arrangements. Looks like the inauguration event will eat half day. Waiting for the real workshop to start…

Nice, hope to have live coverage! :smiley:

Hi Ganapathi,

Its good to see your post. Please update us with the happenings there.

I am the unlucky one who missed the workshop.

If possible please update as many photos as possible relating to fields you visit.

Have a good learning.



Day 1 ended at 7:45pm. i appreciate the man, Mr. Palekar’s energy to go on. He would have continued for few more hours!. The event is happening in a large auditorium with more than 1000 participants. So, no use of posting pictures!!.

Day 1: Started late at 11:30am. The Inauguration event went upto 2:45pm. The last talk of the inauguration event was Mr. Palekar’s talk. That was the only interesting aspect there. He challenged everyone (Agri universities, state and central governments) on promoting Organic farming. Post lunch, the session started at 3:45 and went upto 7:45 with 15 minute tea break in between. Today it was mainly context setting by Mr. Palekar.
Key points are -

  1. Traditional farming : needs 18 cart load of cow dung per acre of land. which is nearly 5 cows dung per acre land. With this requirement, it is not possible to do farming in large area.

  2. How Chemical fertilizer based farming has damaged our land and killed farmers

  3. Organic farming : Mainly done thru composting and vermi composting. Even this is also very bad for the land and the environment (this is new to me!!, I hadn’t heard this before…). Reasons are - Compost has 46% active carbon, When it is exposed to air in hot temperatures, it generates carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide which are key reasons for global warming. Also, When we spread compost on land, micro organisms on earth die, since they cannot consume Compost. There will be more talk on this topic tomorrow.

  4. Natural Farming : Humus is what defines the fertility of soil. Humus can be created by decomposing straw. Decomposition is done by micro organisms. Straw is not only the leftover of plants, but also leftover animal parts. Indian cow dung has highest amount of microorganisms. 1gm of Indian cow dung has 300-500 crore microorganisms compared to 80 lakh in Jersey/HF cow dung. To create humus, spread straw on land and spray Jeevamritha and create moist environment by spraying water.
    Humus has all the required nutrients, including N, P, K, Harmones, humic acid etc. It is directly available to plant roots.
    When we put straw on the ground and spray micro organisms all over it and create moist environment, micro organisms feast on the straw and multiply. This creates humus.

Thanks ganapathi for the brief-up. We registered but ended up with other things. Likely will attend next two days…

Day 2 ended at 8pm…Palekar wanted to continue for an hour more. There were more than 1000 people today as well. Kalamandira hall was full.

I am tired though, to put down the notes here. I will create a document and upload it on Monday. session is expected to end at 8pm in the remaining days as well. So, next update on monday.

Folks, Day 3 ended past 8pm. This is a very intense workshop. I do not think it will be of much use of my notes ( i will upload). The workshop has to be attended to understand the concept well. Also, attending partially is of no use. If anyone is planning to attend the last two days, i suggest you plan to attend the next one, fully.

Dear Friends,

Back in Mangalore after Palekar seminar.

First of all, many many thanks to the organisers - Prasanna, Krishnappa and group. Very well organised. Extremely well. Hats off to them. Good location, very good auditorium and fantastic food.

Sorry, I will not be able to share with you the notes. It is more than 50 pages in my notebook and there is lot more that i would have missed. and notes can do very little to you. You have to go and hear the great man.

Here is my sincere request to all farmers/farming enthusiasts - Please attend next Palekar session (all days). i guarantee you that , after attending the session, you will think, why did i miss it till now! and it is gods grace i got the opportunity to attend the event.

It is a game changer.

Palekar is the next avatar of Gandhi for us…i feel too small even to say thanks to him. I will implement it in the next one year, at least in one acre land, that could be a way to thank him.

Best wishes,
-Ganapathi Bhat.

News papers covered few pointers almost everyday. Cine actor Prakash Raj(Rai)(played villian in Singahm). Met him had spent time with him. Poet/writer Devanooru Mahadeva also met him.

Total the event drawn good amount of attention.

what happened in next 4 days of workshop :slight_smile: plz enlighten us…