Sprinklers in groundnut field

when irrigation water goes insufficient for groundnut crop due to drought situation , sprinkler system ( micro irrigation ) saves the groundnut crop


Drip irrigation also distribute every drop of water in to a perticuler point.
However sprinkling water to groundnut crop will help to protect from certain airborn diceases to groundnut crop. Changing pipes and its place in filed when crop fully grown may cause damge to plants.
Applay gypsum immediately if not aplied.

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Dear Ramu.
I am thinking the ones in the picture are sprinklers?

Dear Mr.Chandra …Sorry for the mistake …you are right it is sprinkler …I have wrongly typed as Rain Gun in absent …Thank you very much for timely correction

Thanks for confirming, @RAMU , I have updated the post.

It is very timely advice because I am trying to procure one unit of sprinkler to be on the safe side. Thank you for helping the community with your selfless advice.

Thanks Mr.Chandra …Just sharing infos that may help the needy farmer .

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