Sprinkler irrigation for Maize and Vegetables?

Is sprinklers good idea for Maize and Green vegetables? Any experienced person over here?


You can do drip for maize or green vegetables. Saves water, labour, time, almost everything other than initial investment.

Frankly, I believe sprinklers waster lot of water and dont have uniform coverage. Also, there is additional overhead of shifting the pipes and sprinklers in the land which destroys some of the plants in its way. Some vegetables or maize varieties dont like water on their leaves, fruits, so there you will have issues. Like in tomato or brinjal, fungal diseases will increase with wetting the whole plant.

If you decide for sprinklers, then I think the newer rain guns in the market are a good choice. They cover larger area and prevent multiple shifting.

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I have been reading about rain gun for sometime now and it seems to be solution to all problems as it saves water, power, labour and time. Still it does not seem to be popular. Any idea why ? Can rain gun be used for wheat and chickpeas ?

Thanks nikil.Why i asked becuse once we seed it is easy to sprinkle water threough spinklers wher we will ahve good % of germitation in seeds.

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It is suggestable Sprinkler Irrigation for maize and Vegita\ble.As our Brother suggests DRIP is better because of the Labour Problem for weed control. If you want to go far leafy Vegetable, you can go for Sprinkler Irrigation.Rain gun is not suitable for Maize and Vegetable cultivation because of its high pressure the crop of Vegetable will damage and as usual the weed control is also a Problem. Drip Irrigation is a proven performance for Maize and Vegetable Cultivation. Being an absentee Farmers we cannot make experiments. Make a note of it that Labour Component will eat away our crop yield.

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I would like to cultivate Maize fodder for cows, can please someone advise whether we can grow using drip irrigation, After cutting the maize after 60 days, is the maize grow again, If someone have experience please provide what fertilisers i can use to grow maize fodder.

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Drip is best option.
Maize will not grow again, you will have to cultivate again.
There is one more thread where fertilizers were mentioned, here is the link.
farmnest.com/forum/agricultural- … ltivation/

For dairy cows, I suggest you cut the maize and make silage and then feed to cows. You will see good improvement in milk rather than feeding just like that.

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For Fodder you can go for Napear Grass is you have more water or some other
Grass I have forgotten its name, It will be like Maize and will grow Fast and it is
Perennial rops and will grow very Fast.


It is African Tall sorghum. It is multicut. it takes about 75 days.

THnaks for you suggestion .But i have doubt how can we use drip for Miaze we will ahve tousands of palant in the feild.

If you visit GKVK Bangalore, they have a demo plot for rice. This with driptape. This also a demo plot for Aerobic rice cultivation. You can apply same to maize.


Maize is planted in rows like any other plant with spacing of either 2 or 2.5 feet between rows.
Each row will have drip line with 30 cm spacing drip points.
This is enough for maize as the roots of maize spread over bigger area. It can draw water from upto at least 1 feet distance. For this you have to ensure that germination takes place, then less water is also fine till cob start appearing.

Check this link
agritech.tnau.ac.in/agriculture/ … maize.html

It has information on maize cultivation, fertilizer and drip as well.

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Maize grows well under rainfed conditions, raingun irrigation is similar to a rain disbursal, so in my opinion Rainguns should be suitable for Maize cutlivation. Moreover one of the big MNC (Nelson) also has a watering solution for Maize/Corn based on Rainguns.


The water discharge from raingun is ofter regarded as high output with big water droplets but this can be controlled, see most of the advanced models of the rainguns. So far my knowledge is theoritical, and puting forward my opinion here for seasoned farmers to comment :slight_smile:.


hI all

Thanks for all your suggestions. I chacked the same with local agriculture officer she told it is advisble or sprinklers for both but little expensive than Drip. :smiley:

Am still experimenting with sprinklers (mostly micro). Would like to add few points based on my understanding about sprinklers.

  1. It will be good for leafy/ root vegetables but not for those which needs pollination to happen and might result in lesser yield.
  2. Sprinklers causes native variety tomatoes (not sure about hybrids) to decay in plants itself.
  3. Water falling on plants results in lesser pest attack.
  4. Wet plant may be prone to fungus attack (have not faced this issue so far)
  5. If water is saline, one might see whitey layer (dried salt) on plants


Thanks for sharing your experiances with us…even i feel like going for spriklers for 1 acre of my veggeis :slight_smile:

Yes Bhayya you can easily cultivate Fodder Maize with the Help of Drip.Drip will cover moisturisation of about 2-3 Feet.Then there will not be any Problem for Fodder Growing even thick sowing of Fodder seed .

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Thanks for your contribution.I’m going trying Yuzuak rain gun.the raingun atomizer is more gentle than rainfall itself…I’m hoping that it ll be able to work for lady finger without affection its pollination https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=On6f8dNKmOA

Sprinklers are generally a good idea for maize and green vegetables, as they help to provide a consistent supply of moisture to the plants. Sprinkler irrigation also helps to distribute nutrients and fertilizers evenly throughout the soil, as an uneven distribution of nutrients can lead to stunted growth and poor yields.