Spraying with Water Pumps

Dear All,

Has anyone tried to spray with a combination of water pump attached with spray gun, I am trying to gather some information around it to put something to practical test.

These are my thoughts around it.

  1. 1 HP Petrol Pumps (preferred) / Electricity Pump (with long wire to have mobility)
  2. Split the water output with two or three hose pipes attached with guns (based on the pressure)
  3. Have water filled drums at different location on the farm that needs spray
  4. Move the pump to location, foot-valve in drum, and spray around with two guns (to balance the pressure)


  1. Area covered / Hour increases
  2. Cost / Area covered decreases
  3. Remove labor wastage (No hassle of filling the sprayer, shouldering it, and come back)
  4. Large area covered compared to manual labor

You may try with 0.25Hp mini monoblock pump.

are you saying that 0.25hp mono block would be sufficient for one single gun??

I am saying 1hp is not needed for a “drum” :slight_smile:

The size of the motor would depend on your sprayer.

The more the sprayer requires input pressure the higher the motor output needs to be.

If you can share what specifically you are trying to accomplish I may be in a position to suggest better.



My idea is to spray Jeevamrutam at regular intervals in 15 acers with minimum labor time or effort.

I do not have a sprayer separately,  I would use a water drum of 200 lts x 10 (at different locations),  just move the pump to different drums, put the foot valve in the drum, start it and spray the entire radius of the hose pipe I have.

When I have 2 people, both will spray, when I have one person, I would put the second hose pipe back into drum so that the pressure is not built up due to shutting it off.

Not sure I have explained my idea better, let me know I will try to explain better again

Many people have successfully automated the jeevamurth/panchgavya by replacing conventional ventury setup with motors.

But this is predominantly connected to the drip lines and I have not personally seen this being sprayed.

This is very much possible. Please ensure the pressure calculations are considered keeping in mind about the hose length & sprayer input pressure required.

You may then size the motor accordingly.



I needed this for Jowar / Maize hand propagated rather than planted. Watering with Sprinkler system and not with drip.

Yet to get my drip system to (hopefully with increased budget I will get one now)

Is there any calculations that I can learn to derive based on the variables

  1. Number of Hoses
  2. Distance of Hoses
  3. HP of Motor
  4. Water supplied from static drum
  5. Anything else I cannot think of