SPK Farms models visit tour - 28-Feb to 5-Mar-23 - Gujarat/Maharashtra

Padmashree Dr Subhash Palekar… What’s app mob no 9850352745
Youtube channel link: SPK - YouTube

In the presence of Padmashree Dr Subhash Palekar Guruji…
Six days best SPK Farms models visit tour, which are established under Subhash Palekar Krushi technology

Date 28th February to 5th March 2023
Vadodara Surat (Gujarat) Nashik Sri kshetra Shirdi Sai Baba ( Maharashtra)

Entry fee for six days including tea, breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation and rented bus charge…per person 4000 Rs.
If you will come with your own car or bus, per person only 1600 Rs fee for six days
Nearest airport Ahmadabad and Vadodara

For details please contact…
Dharmesh Patel Vadodara
9428582582, 7621917178,
Kashyap Rai Vadodara
9687616781, Hitesh Patel Nashik 9823290969, Dhnyaneshwar Revgade Nashik 9763796874, Amogh Gurave Shirdi Sai Baba
9850892852, Amol Palekar 9881646930, Amit Palekar 9673162240
You have to reach Swami Narayan Mandir Campus, Wadtal, near Anand City, which is situated in between Ahmadabad and Vadodara, up to evening of 27th February 2023

Models under Subhash Palekar Krushi SPK

  1. A) Pomegranate+seeded Grape+betelvine + Beans+
    Strawberry+Drumstick+all vegetables available through out the year+all green vegetables+Sugarcane
    Also Seeded Deshi Grape varieties nursery Hitesh Patel
  2. A) Potatoes+Beans+maize+ Sunflower+ Fenugreek
    B) In Shadenet Simla chilli + colour chilli +sweet corn+coriander+ Letuce
    C) Strawberry+chilli+Fenugreek+Letuce
    D) All climbing vegetables+ cauliflower+ cabbage+ Letuce+Radish+ Fenugreek
    E) Local Tomato+ Fenugreek
    F) Local Brinjal+ Fenugreek
    G) In open Shimla mirch chilli+Fenugreek+coriander
    H) All annual fruit vegetables+ Fenugreek+coriander+ Beans
    I) Onion one acre + Fenugreek+ green vegetables+coriander+ sweet corn+ Sunflower
    Dhnyaneshwar Revgade Nashik 9763796874
  3. A) Potatoes on beds + Bengal gram+Mustard
    B) Tobacco 1acre best model
    C) Banana ratoon and newly planted Banana both+all annual vegetables+ water melon+MuskMelon+merigold+all green vegetables
    D) On beds all types of local and foreign vegetables+Garlic+maize+Mustard , Dharmesh Patel 9428582582
  4. Palekar Food Forest model including 50 types of fruit trees + all vegetables
    Hirak Patel 9979545595
  5. A) Local Herbacium Cotton+ spreading local Beans
    B) American cotton ratoon + all annual vegetables and green vegetables
    C) Castor+ Barseem+ Mustard+ Brinjal+ Maize
    D) Teak 7 year old plantation+ Pigeon pea+Turmeric+ Ginger+ in shadow Nepier Grass
    E) Fenugreek+Cumin+ Coriander commercial crops
    F) Wheat
    Kashyap Rai Vadodara
  6. Palekar Food Forest model, Ratilal Vasava Surat
  7. A)Sugar cane 8 foot by 8 foot ratoon+ water melon+MuskMelon+ Cucumber+all vegetables
    B) Palekar Food Forest best model, having symbiotic 60 year old local indigenous Mangoes 18 varieties+Guava+
    Custard apple+ Banana+ Papaya+ Turmeric+Ginger +Drumstick + Karipatta
    Amogh Gurave Shirdi Sai Baba 9850892852
  8. Sugar cane 8 by 2 ratoon +all types of vegetables
    His own jaggery manufacturing small industry
    Sanjay Dange Shirdi Sai Baba
  9. Apple model+ local Papita
    Suhas Wable Shirdi Sai Baba
    Contact for registration… Kashyap Rai Vadodara9687616781
    Dharmesh Patel Vadodara 9428582582
    Hitesh Patel Nashik
    Dhnyaneshwar Revgade Nashik 9763796874
    Amol Palekar Amravati
    Amit Palekar Amravati

You all are heartily welcome

Would encourage all to make it possible to participate in this event.
Assure that you would find solutions to most challenges in the farming domain.

Ratna Kumar

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