Spinach and Coriander cultivation with natural farming

Hi all
These id bala Krishna from karnataka I have 2 acer land already planted with teak wood trees with 2 meter × 2 meter 15 Years ago now I am planning for inter cropping Which in those trees soil type is sandy which will be the suitable corp pls suggest me
Thank you

Bhayya ,

Yopu can go ahead with the Inter-cropping in Teak Plantation with Coriander cultivation. Only thing is that the Pests are More in Teak wood Plantation which should take Care off.

Vasudha Green arms,

Balu, Don’t worry about pests, in natural farming we have Dasa Parni Kashyam(shelf life of 6 months) which is  effective in dealing with pests. Only doubt I have is whether Spinach and Coriander can come up well in the shade of Teak ? Theoretically it should come up as they need less sun light to prepare food


Thanks for your reply can I know what is the Dasa Parni Kashyam how to prepare it for what kind of disease thus it works