Spider Mites attack

Spider mites attack in my small hydroponic brinjal plants.It’s spread out very fast, Within single day they covered whole plant.I was try to control with neem oil but no result. I don’t want to use pesticides. Any suggestions please.

Paecilomyces fumosoroseus is a biopesticide supposed to control mites. I have no personal experience with this.

mites ??
i hate mites… if you could tell what color are they ? there are red mites, white mites, and all rainbow  coloured ones.

you should try wash the plants completely (specially from the lower side) and then use neem oil (high ppm).

mites chill on the lower side of the leaves. also i am guessing there is high temperature and dry environment in your farm, so try making it a bit humid.

if you could tell the color, we can finish it completely by taking 2 sprays considering the life / reproduction cycle of the specific mite.


Chandra and Vivek Thanks,
To Vivek,
You are right , there are high temperature inside because of sudden weather change. It’s almost 35 degree Celsius. I am trying to make it humid, but i don’t have fogger so it’s difficult for me. Mites are red. Huge qty at lower side of the leaves. I am trying to control with one neem spray in morning and one hydrogen peroxide spray in evening. also clean water spray before night. Is it ok?
It’ showing same like this picture.

man… the infestation is serious.
is this a single plant or a lot?

i use a product called ecomite (a bit expensive) as preventive and corrective at very early stage.

i am afraid u’ll have to use chemical (cheap) to control the infestation you have, plus lot of other care, humidity, proper air flow etc.

so if chemical you are ready, i could suggest.

It’s around 6 to 7 plants. I was remove most of leaves which was highly affected. I will also do the needful as per your suggestion today itself.
Thanks again.

hey… 6-7 plants… but still man… the leaf picture u posted is severely infested. so pay extra attention. i found 2 plants (shootings actually) in my 4350 sq mtr polyhouse with red mites and i freaked out and started yelling MITES !! MITES!!

early identification and control is the best.

removing the leaves is a good idea.
plz make sure you clean the near by area of the plants properly, upside down, everywhere possible with water, and then use neem oil 1200-1600 ppm, and use a good penetrator, so the neem goes inside the leafs and make them bitter. and spray this major on the lower side of the leaves, and a bit on the top.

best of luck!