Spacing in G9 Banana Planting

Hi I have gone through various reasearch articles regarding the SPacing the G9 Banana Planating.
The Jain Irrigation article says that 1.5Mtr 1.5 Mtr is the usually adopted spacing  and it recommends 1.51.8. However the TN agi Univ recommends paired row spacing(1.21.22mtr). I am more intrested in this because it not only allows me to plant more ttrees. But also allows me to Use tractor for Weeding and Earthing up. Which would rsult in decreasing the cost of Cultivation SIgnificantly.
Can someone who have the experience of cultivating G9 variety of Banana throw some light on feasibility of using this paired row system.


Dear Sandeep sir, If you give some time, I will inform you in depth about high/Ultra High density plantations in banana.  I have attended International symposium on paired rows in banana plantation also. One farmer of karnataka got a doctorate from govt agri university also, for best performance in high density/high yielding in banana.    thank you,  g.p.rao,  farmer

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I would be really thankful for your help.

Dear Sandeep sir, Any crop requires full attention if it is planted at high/ultra high density. For high density plantation, G9 banana, reciprocates well. Proper timely care should be taken for diseases, insects etc and good ,caliculated fertigation schedule to be maintained.

When i attended the symposium of world banana (paired row system high density) , it is learnt that the following system do well.

4 ft x 4ft x6 ft x4 ft x 4 ft x 6ft x 4ft x 4 ft…of the rows , north to south and in the rows at 4 ft interval from east to west. It can acoomodate around 2100 plants.

Immediately,in peddipalem village of visakhapatnam dist of AP, i did plantation of G9 banana in 2 acres and planted 4200 plants. Good, medium results were witnessed. On average each bunch weighed around 28 kgs and i got a yield of 59 tonnes per acre (118 tonnes for 2 acres).
I have inspected several farms planted, (1)  3.5 ft x 3.5 ft x 6 ft x 3.5 ft x 3.5 ft x 6 ft…,  and at  3.5 ft in the rows…,(2)  at 6 ft distance row to row and plant to plant and planting 2 plants at each place of one plant,  which can accomodate 2400 plants per acre. 

I suggest you to plant  @ 2000 to 2500 plants per acre as per your convinience in diffarent spacings , all in half acre ( 1000 to 1250 plants per half acre ), and study and come to a conclusion that which syatem suits you well.

Already one farmer of karnataka got 69 tonnes per acre , so many times and got a doctorate also.

I suggest you to follow feeding fully organic or atleast 60 to 75 % organic mannures.
Hope you will be a role model in future in banana farming. g.p.rao, farmer

Even though TN Agri university recomend 1.2Mx1.2M spacing for normal cultivation , a good number of farmers in TN use 2Mx2M spacing. A simple thumb rule is the leaves of adjusent plants should have minimum over lapping so that they get enough sun

Jain irrigation reccomends 1.51.8. I believe the reason for recommending this is the maximum lenth of a banana leaf is equal to its maximum height. A G9 plant grows to about 6 feet so the optimum spacing would be leaving a 6 ft space between plants. So for a G( plant leaving 2 metres would be wasting too much of space.
PS:- For Amurthapani(Also called Karpuravalli in TN) we leave about 7 to 8 feet. And this variety grows well over 8 feet. so considering this fact  1.5
1.8 would be ideal spacing. But since i intend to mechanise as much farm operations as possible I am opting for on a paired method. This would enable me to plant about 1600 plants per acre. Also I am not planing to go for Drip. Since we have no issue with water shortage I personally feel that Drip would be a waste of money. Fertigation I agree would be necessary. but instead I intend to use more of FYM and chicken shit and intensive fertilzer use both foliar and soil application. Let me see how it turns out


Hello sir,

What is the land cost in peddipalem . I am looking for 4 -5 acres .